Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Sharing some of the photos taken during our photoshoot for Mycookielab. Sayang naman, even if this wouldn't  be used for its original purpose, at least I could share it in my blog haha.

I ordered two customized flavors - green tea crinkles with matcha filling, and chocolate crinkles with cookies and cream filling. Super yum!
Some free coffee given to us by the owner :)
Physical store of Mycookielab
Different flavors, different whoopie possibilities lol 
Some close-up shots taken by Mummy Jannel

Much love,

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

On disappontments and moving forward

For a whole lot of reasons, I think writing is a very special way of release for me. By release, I mean releasing my worries, my doubts, my thoughts, my feelings, and so on and so forth. With writing, I believe you have got to have the strength to be vulnerable. Does that even make sense at all? Whenever I write something very personal to me, I tend to get emotional, and it takes a certain amount of strength to write about things that matter to you deeply, may it be about writing a love letter to someone, or writing something about your life journey that may not be a happy experience at all.

I'm assuming that most of my readers are people I personally know myself, and ifever you are a close friend, most likely I have shared this with you.Just last week,I've had one of the most challenging weeks in my life. I've been trying to make things work to the best that I can , but it gets tiring when your efforts are not appreciated. I am a very sensitive and a hardheaded person, to be honest. But more than that, I think I am innately a nice person. However, I do have my limits. I don't think I could stand people/ situations that make me feel like I am less of a person because they say so or make me feel so. I may not provide the best work out there, but I am a good person at the end of the day. I do not deserve being treated less or being treated unfairly. My mom has been so supportive to me before this incident even happened, and told me that I shouldn't get stressed with such things because I was taking it seriously because I'm not even joking when I say that I was even having random meltdowns in public places . And during the day when I received  a sudden and sad decision, I made sure to make myself a priority. I no longer wanted to tolerate or "tiisin" just to push things or make it work. I have decided at that moment to focus on myself, I no longer cared about the amount of hard work or the money that was spent just for this thing, I just wanted it to end and let go of it. Some of you might think it is a rash, irresponsible, and nakakasayang na moment. But at that moment, I knew it was best for my own sake- for my happiness, and for my sanity haha. Granted, I think I could come back and attempt to make things work again, but that would come at a time when I am ready to do so.  Right now, I am finally looking at things and my life at a different perspective. For such a long while, I thought that by achieving this certain accomplishment, things would be so much easier on my part. And now, I refuse to let this kind of incident define me, or make me feel like I am not enough. I remember watching the Spiderman film weeks ago, and a particular scene really made an impact to me. Ironman was about to take the spiderman suit back, and Spiderman was saying that he was nothing without the suit. What Ironman replied was something like "If you're nothing without the suit, then it shouldn't be yours at the first place." That scene kept on replaying on my mind as this incident happened. I am slowly realizing how important it is not to be totally defined by such incidents or certain accomplishments. It is important to know who you are at the end of the day, and what you believe in.

Life goes on, as they say, I will continue to look for opportunities to make me better, and hopefully lead me to the right path.

Much love,

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Life Lately : Updates

Hi everyone, I know it's been quite a while again. Let me start by sharing some of these photos from this week, before I share some personal dramatic sentiments on another post.

Just yesterday,   I went out to do some retail therapy to comfort myself with how things have come at a different route than I have expected. I went to Zara, and bought myself this pair of jeans since it was also on sale :) After I went home, I realized that this type of jeans is apparently called "mom fit" or mom jeans perhaps lol.

Me and my college mummy decided to go to Izakaya Kikufuji in Little Tokyo to have our lunch. If there are things I am thanful for, one of them would be having a best friend who supports me no matter what and cheers me up when I feel like the whole world is against me. For our orders, I ordered chicken teriyaki and california maki while mummy ordered the Katsu set. 

Much love,

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Gastronomic Adventure : Delimondo Cafe

Hello everyone! So few weeks ago, I went to Delimondo Cafe + Store, which is located in JAKA building in Chino Roces, Makati. Of course, I went with my college mummy, Jannel, who also lives very near  to this store haha. To be honest, the cafe was really small and only had about three tables inside, and I really hope they expand to another branch here in Manila. :) Currently, they only serve a few dishes but we're both happy with everything that we have ordered so far. 
For mummy, she ordered the corned beef lasagna. Yum!
As for me, I ordered their Sausage Ragu Pasta, and I am so in love with this dish!!
For dessert is the carrot cake, which was also good, as well :)

Much love,

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gastronomic Adventure : Artisan's Specialty Coffee

Last week, I went home since I had a mini break from school. I actually was supposed to take photos and redesign a restaurant's menu of my choice. My mom and I decided to go to Artisan's Specialty Coffee since we thought that the place looks good and we heard that the food and drinks are good, as well. Fortunately, it did not disappoint and I'm so happy to go to this new cafe if ever I am home! :)

Here are some of the photos that I took. I actually went there twice, which is why you'll see some photos taken during the day and night! :)

Much love,

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

On how I won a GoPro Hero 4

 Hello guys! If some of you may know, since I am assuming that most of my readers also happen to be my facebook friends/ friends in general, I won a GoPro Hero 4 from joining a simple promo of Cebu Pacific's Getgo. All I remember was that I saw a promo mechanics on my facebook timeline indicating that I should take a screenshot of something, and I posted it on their comments section. And so, few weeks later, a classmate of mine who works for Cebu Pacific contacted me to tell that I won their prize, which is a GoPro. To be honest, at that time, I forgot about joining that contest since I keep on joining several haha, and I actually forgot about what the prize was as well! Few weeks later, I claimed my prize at Cebu Pacific's Head Office. I even got the chance to meet the rest of the GetGo Team, also the heads, who were all so nice!!! And can I just say--- I really fell in love with the office of CebuPacific!

This was a really great way to start my year. I actually plan to give my prize to my dad for his birthday this February since I know he's also been wanting an action camera. :)

Much love,

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What 2016 taught me

I knew that it was just a matter of time before I write a personal note in my blog, saying goodbye to the year that was 2016. Finally, I've found myself sitting in my couch struck by a sudden urge to write again. Thinking about the different things and experiences that I've had the past year, I decided to write those down in here, as a way for me to send some closure to that year.

It is important to start now, wherever you are right now. 
Probably the riskiest thing that I did the past year was to go out on my own and open an online shop. I know it may not sound risky as it may seem to be, but the amount of effort, money, and time that I spent that would lead to that coming to life was no joke. Not to mention, I've gained incredible amount of respect for entrepreneurs who've been managing their online shops respectively. I'm still all new to this, and it's honestly such a struggle to put your business out there, no matter how small it is. I guess what I've learned immensely from this is that you have to start now, no excuses. Oftentimes, I would give several excuses on not accomplishing something, and the truth is,  I think I just lack the drive or the want for that certain thing to happen if that's the case haha! I started from zero knowledge of opening or handling an online shop - from ordering cosmetics online, having it shipped here, to content creation, and so on and so forth. But now, I am learning day by day to improve whatever I can hopefully. Ohhh please follow my shop on facebook and instagram - pigmentmnl :) I basically sell authentic kylie lipkits, and hopefully more brands in the coming months.

Self- pity will get you nowhere. 
Just like any other year, there are so many times wherein I would feel down and just cry thinking - why can others have this and that and I can't? Sounds so shallow, I know. Don't get me wrong, I know that I am blessed with more than I deserve. But oftentimes, I wish to have a good corporate career somehow, or wish I were good with certain things that others seem to be so good at. And whenever I come to this point, I'll just make myself drown with more self pity, which is so bad. I have to constantly remind myself that we all have different journeys and things will fall into place eventually, no matter how confusing it might seem.

Treasure friendships and don't be afraid to make new ones.
I've also learned that it's also quite inevitable for me to grow apart with some friends, and that is okay. It doesn't mean that I don't care for them anymore, there's just acceptance in knowing that you have to move forward and give each other space because it's better that way. Also, I've gained new friendships that felt right in the place where I am now and people who I know would help me grow to be better. But of course, at the end of the day, long-lasting friendships are something that I truly treasure and I make the effort to reach out to these friends.

Believe in yourself in believe in your own capacities.
I surely am not the type of person who oozes so much self confidence in my own skills. But one thing I've learned in graduate school is that I am good in certain things . I hate how much that sounds like a brag, but I have to say it out loud at least in this blog post. I would normally be my shy self whenever someone compliments me and gives credit to my work being well done, but it honestly boosted my self confidence.At a certain point in my life, it's important to believe that I can do a task effectively, I can perform well in this arena and so on because it's very important to have faith in  yourself and what you have to offer.

Your family will always be there for you.
This is not just a 2016 realization, but something to remember always. I'm not the easiest child, I'm so stubborn, and I can be so negative sometimes, and I honestly don't know what I'll do without my family. Throughout every highs and lows in my life, I am thankful for the fact that they are there  to help me wherever I am.

...and I didn't realize until now that i have so much to say in this blog post haha.

Here's to me hoping that I'll be wiser this year and take more risks.

Much love,