Thursday, November 17, 2016


Hi! I know it's been months again, and I really just had this period when I got so lazy to write, and I just focused my energies on other priorities such as school, and also tracking some items for my upcoming business. But now, hopefully, I'll start making more time for this baby, my blog. So, recently, I actually turned 23. 23!!! It feels weird for me to say that I am in this age already because I feel like nothing much has changed in my life. And I really am child-like ever since, so I still feel like I'm 16 deep inside. I guess more than anything, the thought of being or acting more like an adult and having accomplishments in the real world scares me because I know it's still a far fetched goal in the making. Anyway, I don't want this to make a sad post or anything, but here's to another year of getting older, and hopefully a lot wiser in my decisions. :)

Here are some pics that I took during my birthday lunch at Kai Greenbelt :)

Much love,