Monday, July 4, 2016

Mummies' Sundate at BGC

I miss college, I miss the thrill of dressing up everyday, going to school to meet up with your closest friends, and learning new things from different classes. I may not be able to bring back time, but luckily, I have one college treasure -- my mummy J! Haha. Yesterday, we decided to have a quick OOTD shoot since we missed it a lot. The weather turned out to be not so great, so we had to shoot pretty quick, and it seemed like we are back to square one. We're no longer used to the whole OOTD shoot, just like what we did before when we were in college. I'm hoping we can get back into it soon hehe. I'll just be sharing some of the pictures that were taken yesterday in BGC. We decided to have a snack at SaladStop, and afterwards, we had our OOTD shoot around Burgos Circle, then for our last stop, at the Bus Stop haha!

I had the Go Geisha salad wrap. :)
Mummy's order which was so yumyyyy
Me ordering my salad wrap
Pwede na pang movie poster haha

Much love,

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