Sunday, July 24, 2016

Beauty Buy : Maybelline Lip Gradation

How's your week starting so far? I just bought some really good items for sale right now. Thank goodness, sales were invented!  Ahhhh I think I'm pretty much the type of person who goes out of my way to the store immediately once I hear there's a markdown of their products. 

One recent beauty find of mine is something that I bought on sale! When I was younger, one of the beauty brands that I've really had the chance to try was Maybelline! I think it's pretty normal for girls to have a Maybelline product in their bags at a certain point in their lives. Honestly, I think my curiosity has led me to try other brands for a while, thus losing my interest for this brand for quite a while. However, what I really appreciate about this brand is the fact that it releases new products from time to time to keep up with the current trends in the industry. I've read several reviews about the lip gradation line, but I only somehow got to try it recently because I've been trying to have a lipstick ban on myself, but well sale eh!And boy am I glad that I decided to buy these lippies!!

I would probably go out on a limb and say that this line offers some of the best drugstore lipsticks ever. And for me, the best lipstick line from Maybelline. I initially first bought the Mauve1, but when I realized how good it is, I bought the Orange one a week after even if I have a few orange lippies right now - sulitin kasi sale pa rin hehe. I'm personally not a fan of the gradient lip, so I don't get the chance to use this for that effect, so I just apply it as a pure lipstick. And can I just say, application is already easier, since the shape of this lipstick is much thinner, and I get to apply it to some gaps easily. In addiition, I love how pigmented these lippies are! Also, I actually had the opportunity to try some Maybelline lipsticks before, and one thing that I don't necessarily love is the scent. That is why, I'm really glad that the lip gradation lippies doesn't have a scent. Yay :)

I really love lipsticks with orange shades. This one is my new favorite shade right now. 
Meanwhile, the Mauve shade I heard is similar to Mac's Whirl. Haven't tried that shade yet, but what I can say about this is that it's good enough for everyday wear and for job interviews!

Overall, I just really love the lip gradation line and I am just controlling myself not to buy any other shades- maybe if I get a job pretty soon, I'll buy more shades hehe!

Much love,

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