Thursday, June 23, 2016

Beauty Buy : Benefit's Dandelion Dew

Hello, happy friday to all! Lately, I've been noticing how I am fond of liking a certain look in different phases in my life. There was a time wherein I was so fond of this terrible eye makeup combo that I used to do which involves putting blue eyeshadow under my eyes and black eyeliner bwahahah, but that was several years ago, and  I don't plan to do that look anymore! When I went to college, there was a time wherein I would wear thick foundation to cover up my chicken pox marks. But more than anything, the look that I am more fond of more than ever is putting on a pop of color on my lips and just dabbing a bit of cheek tint on my cheeks for a natural flush. And when it comes to cheek tints, I am obsessed with Benefit's cheek tints. I've tried all of their cheek tints, but I've recently come across a new release here in the country- the Dandelion Dew. I'm such a sucker for tints or cream blushes since it's so much easier to apply and it looks more natural compared to the powder blushes.What can I say... I really am pretty obsessed with the color of this one. It's a soft baby pink that still looks natural. It's my favorite among all the tints from Benefit, and that's something big for me to say. And it's quite different from the previous tints as well, since this has a pump barrel and it is more sanitary and easy to use :)

Here's a picture of me wearing this cheek tint! I look really so chubby here, but it is what it is haha! Chubby cheeks for life :)

Much love,

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