Sunday, April 17, 2016

What Just happened today...

I originally posted most of this on Facebook, but I just wanted to share this on my blog as well.

So naturally, on saturday night, I already had no intentions of really going to the mall or anything like that during sunday because I already did go out twice this week. By 'go out', I mean go to the mall. So I just naturally assumed that it was going to be  chill sunday the next day. But, something strange and something scary happened today! I remember suddenly waking up from a good night's sleep with a loud knocking on my door. And it was really weird because at that time, I kept thinking about what must be so important that someone was already knocking on my door when I was expecting nobody at all. I honestly thought that I might get a notice for violating something. I didn't even had the chance to look at the clock or my phone at that time, so I didn't know what time it was. When I opened it, grabe lang, there was the smell of smoke, I saw some guards on a panic mode, trying to remedy the situation. Naturally, I got very scared and I closed my door at first. I grabbed some of the most important things I could think of because I was really scared and I didn't know what was really happening. I grabbed a kimono cover up immediately because despite the sense of urgency about the emergency situation, I was really not dressed decently.After that, I grabbed Saba,my doll, and I remember grabbing some cash and my keys to the condo. I didn't even remember getting my phone or any gadgets just in case something bad really happened. You know how in movies, you watch scenes during emergency situations like terrible earthquakes, fire, or a villain chasing after you, and you just sort of felt  or hoped that  those things would only happen in a fictional world. But even during simple incidents, when something freaks you out, or something unexpected really happens, the feeling and experience is just so different. So after I grabbed some things of mine, I opened my door immediately, and one of the guards told me to take the stairs. And I also remember that during that time, most of them were knocking on the different tenants' rooms. After that, I was already climbing down the stairs, with the other tenants following behind. When we reached the lobby, I remember smiling at one of the tenants because we both said na nakakapagod ung pag climb down namin ng stairs. And then, most of us just patiently waited down at the lobby of our condo. I went to 711 to buy some drinks and banana to keep myself calm- huh?? After several minutes, finally things were  okay, and we were told that it was finally okay to go back to out units. Someone even joked na lahat naman kami same floor ung pupuntahan so we only had to press one floor destination at the elevator. When I finally entered my unit, I just realised that I am lucky, because I wasn't hurt at all, and the situation could have been worse in different scenarios . It was just scary to think of other cases wherein something bad might happen and I have no idea how to handle it! Anyway, so glad that everything is okay now. 

Much love,


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