Friday, April 15, 2016

New home additions

Hello, happy friday to anyone who's reading this post now! Life lately has been confusing me lately as usual. But my academic term has just ended two days ago, and I'm so happy to be closer to my dreams of getting that masters degree. To be honest, this term went by so fast, as in really fast. I'm doing my best to stay hopeful in the job hunting process as well. There are times wherein I just want to give up, but I have to constantly remind myself that this is something I have to do, and I will find the right job soon. I just have to persevere and do my best (repeats to self 100x) haha.

Anyway, I just wanted to quickly share with you some new home additions. As some of you may know ( since I'm assuming most of my readers are people I personally know), I've been living/renting in a condo a few years now, but late last year, I finally moved to our owned condo. I've been so happy making some little improvements to my space. 
Panda bear! I've officially declared her name as Pandy-Coco. Pandy, because panda hehe. And Coco because I just sorta remember the Pandicoco bread that I used to eat when I was younger haha!
Look at panda being so cute and being the guardian of the condo! Asides from that, my mom took the liberty of adding pictures( mostly hers hehehe) in the wall. It's a pretty nice addition methinks.Makes me feel not so alone in my space.
And finally, a decent couch!!! Initially, we wanted to buy the beige one, but decided that it would look dumihin because of its light color, so we ended up getting the black one instead. 
I'm happy to welcome some new additions to my little space, and hopefully, when I'm rich and able to buy a bigger condo in the very distant future, I'll be able to share it here on my blog as well. :)
Much love,

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