Sunday, March 13, 2016

What's inside my bag!

Feeling artista lol. Hello! Anyway, I'm the type of person who is very interested in checking out the things that my closest friends use or my favorite personalities.For example --like what wet wipes does this person use, what wallet or lippies does this person have in her bag, so on and so forth! I truly believe that you can say a lot about a person based on the contents of their bag haha. I just wanted to share with you some of the contents of my current bag, my school and errands bag, in this case.

I always have a pair of sunnies in my bag since I walk a lot whenever I go outside or commute. Also, a pair of glasses to protect my eyes whenever I use my laptop or phone. Of course, I bring my School ID almost all of the time, even if I'm not going to school. My favorite wallet is this Purple Pochi P + G design, which I bought at a very affordable price in Japan! I love this because it also serves as my coin purse.
Gummy bears and tictac to eat whenever I feel bored and a little hungry wherever I am haha. As for lip balm, I am still in love with Burts Bees. Right now, I'm using the original beeswax formula. And for lipstick, I always bring one lippie in my bag for retouching. In this case, the one pictured in here is MAC Relentlessly Red.
I know medyo pangit ung shot ko dito, but anyhow, wetwipes is a must!! I will probably freak out when there's no wet wipes available inside my bag. And of course, alcohol to disenfect my hands from time to time.
Being a mall rat, I always bring my cardholders that contain my membership cards from different stores hehe. The other one is a cardholder for my credit cards.

That's pretty much it! haha. Till next time :)
Much love,

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