Monday, February 1, 2016

Mask it Tuesday : Origins Clear Improvement Mask

Hello! Just going to quickly share a mask that I've been using for a few months now. Clear Improvement Mask is one of Origins' bestsellers, and I decided to try it out because I've been interested in trying out charcoal for my face haha. I apply it usually once a week, and I leave it on for about fifteen minutes every time ( or less... if I get particularly impatient hehe). I also apply this every time I feel like my skin has been through a lot for a day; most especially during times when I travel. It costs around 1500php during the time I bought it. And I know it's not necessarily a cheap  mask, but seriously, look at the image below. It's been months, and it still contains so mucchhh. Worthy of trying/ purchasing if you have oily skin and dealing with blackheads/whiteheads every now and then :)

Syempre may before and after photos loll

Much love,

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