Saturday, February 27, 2016

Letter to my future self

Dear future self,

Someday, you're going to back read your blog and you're going to stumble upon this post. Few days ago, you just received another disappointing reminder of this point in your life. On some days, you just want to hide and pretend not a thing matters and indulge yourself with lies in your head. Some days, it's going to hit you harder than anything else. While on some days, you just choose to ignore everything else that should matter. But this I tell you, one day, may this serve as a reminder of all things that kept you up late at night, feeding your head with all the worries and frustrations that you have been having for a long time. And the day you finally read this, may you be at a point in your life when some of the questions you've been dying to know the answers to- be answered already; or getting to that point very closely. And you will feel very content with what you have one day. You will feel more confident, more secured, more brave- just things that could make you feel "more" than you feel that you are today. And one day, you might realize that you can no longer simply escape , and you just have to deal with it. You might see signs of aging physically, emotionally, and mentally at the point that you shall read this someday. But this I truly hope- may you realize that there were instances wherein you should wait for the wounds to scab, and moments wherein you should feel like saying that it was worth remembering for, no matter how good or bad.

Much love,
From present lost self

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