Monday, February 29, 2016

Civil Service and Crepes

Hello! Just wanted to quickly share some of you a quick photodiary haha.

I was finally able to try out Crepeman Cafe in One Archers Place, which is just in front of where I actually live! So happy that me and my friend found a new place for our tambay sessions.  So far, the blueberry crepe is my fave! 

A year ago, I decided to take th Civil Service Examination for Professional level. Pretty weird incident actually-  I was already scheduled to take the exam on October 18,2015. But then, I felt like I didn't want to go for some reason. At the end, I didn't push through with my scheduled date of exam BUT during that day, nagka typhoon sa Manila. And of course, it got RESCHEDULED TO DECEMBER!!! If there was any sign for me to continue with the exam, this was it. Medyo  OA lang. I mean, of course, I'm not happy that there was a typhoon but it already happened and it meant that I SHOULD/MUST take the exam on its rescheduled date. Long story short, I took the exam on December 6, 2015 :) This is simply meant to be lol.
With Mamita at Civil Service Commission in Banawe.

Oh this is me again at Crepeman Cafe hihi
Much love,

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