Thursday, February 11, 2016

Best buys : Nature Cologne and Revlon Fiery

Hello! Just wanted to quickly share with you some of the new products that I've recently acquired and loved!

I don't normally wear cologne or perfume anymore for a long time now, until I bought this anti-mosquito cologne from Rustans! It's actually available in different scents, but I use the Rose Geranium scent since I prefer its scent compared to the rest. What can I say... I really love this! I use it even during night time  since I tend to open my windows a bit when I sleep, and it's perfect for protecting against mosquitoes hehe.

I've already tried a few local, drugstore  to high end brands when it comes to lipsticks, but I always keep coming back to Revlon's matte balm selection the most. I love everything about it - the lip crayon style, the scent, the pigment, and the balm-like feel of it. I bought this recent lipstick called Fiery from their new selection of shades, and it's one shade of red that I really love.
 me wearing the lipstick. :)

Much love,

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