Saturday, January 9, 2016

What my lipstick says about me

I decided to write a post about my favorite lipstick so far! My favorite one is actually from a limited edition of MAC's collaboration with Toledo last year. The shade is called Barbecue, and it's a bright orange with a bit of red, and it's in matte formula.
Here are some of my photos taken while wearing this shade of lippie!

ladystache haha!

Photo from Cosmo Magazine PH

It  is also very timely since I've just read about an article on Cosmo Magazine PH about what a lipstick tip shape says about who you are haha. I've noticed that almost all of my lipsticks have a sharp-curved top, just like the image above! And according to the website: 

As a child, you always found yourself getting crushes on those around you—a habit that continued into your adulthood. You have tons of love to give and enjoy helping. You're incredibly creative, which is wonderful, but you tend to put a too much pressure on yourself. You love all animals, but you're definitely a dog person due to canines' fun energy and unconditional loyalty—traits you value in yourself, as well.

 Hahaahahahhahah. I don't think that I'm an animal lover, but I do like to check out photos of cute dogs, especially pugs! Do check out the link to check what your lipstick says about you! Hehehe

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