Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kdrama love : She Was Pretty

I've been deciding for days on what to blog about, but I had the least amount of motivation these past few days lol ( as usual). Anyways, let me just rave about this new KDrama series that I'm currently watching. The series is called "She Was Pretty" and I'm so hooked! I just started watching one episode yesterday, and if only I didn't have class during the night, I would have spent the entire day downloading and watching the episodes!!!!

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Basically, the plot revolves around Kim Hye Jin, who was a pretty girl, but then when she grew up, she "lost her beauty" and her childhood friend, Sung Joon, who used to be a chubby kid, and grew up to be a handsome guy! After several years, these two characters meet again but things take an interesting spin around. Ay basta this series is really making me happy hahahah. You should definitely watch this. :)

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