Monday, August 31, 2015

Stacy's Date with Mummy

So last sunday, I was FINALLY able to meet up with my college mummy! It's been so long, and I'm so happy that our date finally pushed through. The last time we've seen each other was a year ago,wherein  we also went to BGC. At that time,  we hoped to try  out  Stacy's, but then the restaurant had a private event! Ahuhuhu

And a year later… we decided to try our luck again and eat at Stacy's! Thankfully, it was open for public during the time we came, and we were finally able to go try it there, even if it was probably a year in the making. You could imagine the gulo-gulo we had deep inside hahahaha. Sharing some of the photos that we took during that day. :) On a side note, I really love going to BGC on sundays. It's the best time to go there! Haha

My mummy Jannel
A complimentary mug of sweets that included popcorn, pretzels,marshmallows! 
UNLI Iced tea for me hehehehe ( iced tea addict present here!)
Credits to Jannel Serrano for most of the photos!

At the end, it was really the perfect time to catch up since there were only a few people dining at the same time we were. I had this silly idea that I told to my mummy wherein I used the opportunity to eat at Stacy's a sign! I told her that last year, while I was also being a drama queen ranting about job hunting, Stacy's was closed when we came. And during this time around, it's open and we were finally able to try it here. SO THAT MEANS A DOOR HAS OPENED FOR ME, A DOOR OF OPPORTUNITIES ( A job and other things lol).
Will check if that door will indeed open up for me soon haha.
Much love,

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