Thursday, June 25, 2015

Japan 2015 : Tourist in Tokyo (Day 7)

For our 3 days in Tokyo, we stayed in Grand Pacific de Laiba, which is a pretty good 5-star hotel. It's connected to two shopping malls in tokyo, the Aqua City, and the Divers City. Anyhow, one of the main highlights of our trip to Japan is visiting Disneyland. To be honest, I think I liked HK's disneyland better, but Tokyo has also DisneySea, which we didn't have the chance to go to :((( huhu next time!

Simply because no one is going to be old enough to not visit Disneyland.

But the main highlight of my trip to Tokyo was seeing my OBAHHHH, Kazu!!!! I first met her when we were classmates for a minor class when I was still a frosh. I still remember our first conversation when we were both taking the stairs after class dismissal, and I told her I liked japanese music, and Keiko Kitagawa! And the rest, as they say, is history lol. I even remember going to so many shopping malls with her when she was still staying in PH! I really miss this girl so much! 
She gave me this cute gift set since she knows I really love Hello Kitty. Years ago, I remember her bringing home so many hello kitty goodies from Japan, and her grandma even gave me a hello kitty stuffed toy! :))
Wishing I could go back to Japan next week and stay there as much as I can hihi

Much love,

Japan 2015 : Lake Ashi (Day 5)

At many times, I think I need someone to constantly remind me that consistency is the key to so many things in life. I know I fail in being consistent at a lot of things, including blogging hayyy. Sometimes, it's just easy to take the blame on my slow internet for not updating my blog so much anymore. But, I do promise to post  more as much as I can. 

This should have been posted weeks ago haha, but like I always always say, better late than never!

I also realized that I only took a few photos for each touristy destination we went through haha. For our fifth day in Japan, we spent it in Toyohasi, then going to Mt. Fuji, and taking the cruise on Lake Ashi, and lastly spending the night in Tokyo. So I'm sharing some of the very few photos that I took during the cruise :) This is one of the highlights of our trip to Japan. The next time I do travel, I swearrrr I'm going to take so many photos till my memory card can't take it anymore hihi.
Much love,