Sunday, May 31, 2015

Japan 2015 : Discovering Osaka ( Day 1,2,& 3)

Yesterday, I was just talking with my bestie about good things that come into our way unexpectedly. When she asked me for a significant event about such,  I told her about my family's recent trip to Japan. I've been wanting to go to Japan for such a long time, but I never really pushed or begged my parents for it to happen hahaha. Anyhow, just one day, my dad gave me papers to fill up on for the japan visa and told me about THE plan to go to Japan. Yipeeeee. Deep inside, I was already jumping for joy!!

We were part of Pan Pacific's 8-day group tour to Japan. Part of our itinerary involved three days in Osaka, one day in Kyoto/Toyohashi, and three days in Tokyo. Our first day just involved eating dinner in a barbeque place before settling our things at our hotel, and then calling it a night. Our second day, meanwhile, involved going to Todaiji temple,the deer park, and having free time in the afternoon to explore Shimsaibashi Namba.
View outside our hotel room in Osaka!
Among all the hotels we stayed in, I think I enjoyed our stay at Swissotel Nankai in Osaka the most. It's connected to Takashimaya Mall, and it's just walking distance to Shimsabaishi. Perfect for shopaholics like me lol.
Todaiji Temple
Our third day was a really  exciting one since we went to Universal Studios Japan (USJ)! It's my first time to go to universal studios, since I've never been able to go to Singapore either. The ultimate priority when it comes to traveling would be to visit the theme parks!
Ugly nail polish ughh haha but still happy
We saw Marilyn Monroe LOL so we had to take a picture with her!

cupcakeyyyy ride

snooppy teaaa!!!
I told mom that we should have a jump shot since the group beside ours was taking one as well haha. Fail jump shot though hahaha.

What you see in the characters is honestly my face pose 90% of the time. I'm surprised I'm not even doing the pose when this picture was taken, probably doing another pose that is part of the 10% part that was left of my normal face poses/habits.
We also went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but honestly we got discouraged with how long the queue is, and how confusing it was ( like where we would get the tickets or express pass). I got really sad that we didn't get to explore WWOHP since I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, but my family wouldn't want to wait that long huhuuhu. Compromise, compromise huhu.
Next time, I'll go try the rides in here huhuh! Another reason why I should go back to Japan ASAP -WWOHP! 

Also, I wasn't able to take pictures but some of the rides that we tried were Back to the Future, and also Spiderman. They were both nice, but pretty intense. I don't think I've ever shouted so much in my life before until I tried those rides. And funnily, I think I was the only one shouting so much during the Back to The future ride, because aside from my parents, the ones we shared the ride with were all Japanese.
Also rode the Snoopy ride, and we had a difficulty understanding  the instructions given since it was in Japanese lol so we just rode.
WEEEE!! Minion caramel popcorn! It was really good, and how could you resist buying one if it's minion?

Also tried the minion cake in Pink Cafe, it was also yummy of course hihi.

Much love,