Saturday, March 7, 2015

Weekend Playlist

Just like many people, I do find joy in finding new songs to listen to, although these songs may not be literally new or freshly released. There is a certain happiness when you get to listen to a song you've been ignoring in your iTunes library for so long, and finally have that eureka moment once you get to listen to it. Although most of the songs here are those I've stumbled upon while searching youtube, the feeling of making yourself familiar with a good song is a sure wonderful experience. Here's my playlist for this weekend, which have been on repeat since yesterday. :)

1) Lucy Rose - Our Eyes
2) Lucy Rose- Shiver
3)  Imagine Dragons - Smoke and Mirrors
4)Justin Tebbutt- The Breach
5) IYES- Simmer
Hope you like it!
Much love,

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