Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Gastronomic Adventure : Hole In the Wall

Last week, we went to try Century City Mall's Hole in the wall. It's located at the 4th level of the mall, and simply put, it's a very nice food court full of good selection to choose from! I super love the ambiance, the food, and the music haha! I think they were still on soft opening, so most of the time, servers would give you surveys to assess your eating experience.

For our main meal, we chose to eat Badbird's Dirty Rice plate, which consists of their bestselling chicken, kimchi, and "dirty rice". Yum! 

I also tried Spruce, finally! Just say fresh fruit/vegetable juices, and I'm sold. I tried Ladyluck simply because beetroot is part of the ingredient,along with other fruits and veggies, and the taste is pretty awesome. 

For our dessert, we went on and tried the cookies from Scout's Honor :) We tried six different cookies, and our ultimate favorite would be the 1969!

Overall, it was a great dining experience. It gives a nice twist to  the idea  of a classic food court, and you'll have  many great food selection to choose from!

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