Friday, January 9, 2015

Things I've Learned in 2014

Looking at my blog today would mean that I would also have to my face my irresponsibility and laziness to update the past year. I really plan on making my 2015 more productive, hence a blog post finally about some of the things I've learned the past year. Just like in most things, I just felt the need to do some proper closure of what the previous year has brought to me, before I can move on to other things in store this year. :)

1) Admitting or asking for help is not bad.
In my case, I used to be hesitant about asking for favors or questions to a lot of people. This changed when someone told me that there is really no harm in asking. And oh my, to this day, my motto in life has now become, " The answer will always be no if you don't ask." This applies to so many levels in my life!!! When it comes to job hunting, asking people about certain things or about their choices, and also in commuting, which leads me to my second lesson….

2) Even simple acts  of kindness really do matter.
Most throughout my job hunting phase, I've commuted mostly to these places I haven't even been before. And that means getting lost and asking a lot of people for direction. I am so thankful for the times I've asked strangers for directions,and all of them would always be game to help me out in their best possible way. Thank you,thank you,thank you! On another note, let me share this story wherein I exhibited kindness din hehe-- During one job interview, there were 3 of us in the room, and there was this guy who seemed to have forgotten his pen when we were supposed to fill out application forms. He asked me if I have an extra pen to borrow, and I gave him my extra pen. Sounds silly, but I could have chosen not to give him, if he was my competition for a job spot at that time! In the end, I got to talk to him when he returned my pen, and turns out that he was actually applying for another position in the company! Hahahah good thing!

3) After graduation, it's okay to feel lost.
I felt so confused after graduation, and I started to worry so much in the event that I don't get a job.  There were a lot of questions running through my head. And I really think it's okay just to give yourself more credit. It's okay to feel a little lost, as long as you are actually doing something to improve your situation, or answer some of the questions going through your head.

4) It's always good to have a back-up plan.
I Trust me, I've been rejected so many times by companies where I really wanted to work, but it's all good now. It's just not meant for me :) Aside from that, when I was not attending interviews, I went home to my province every chance I got. This went on for months, going back and forth from Manila to Legazpi, and vice-versa! I think going home really made me not go crazy, since I was able to help out in our business and just enjoy being with my family.

5) Rejection feels bad, but it is just a redirection.
My mom sends this quote to me every time I would receive a rejection notice haha! But rejection truly truly sucks!!! Until now, I still have this little bit part of bitterness with some companies haha! There's no escape when it comes to rejection, but it's always important to do better than what you were able to do before, and just move forward. There's still so many opportunities out there.

6) Taking care of your skin is a must.
Okay, so maybe enough with my job hunting issues and lessons, and let's move on to vanity! I really really think it's IMPORTANT to take care of your skin. I want to force other people I know to just use sunblock please since it's really important. I'm still in my very early 20's, but I love sunblock to death, and I know I'll thank myself later when I'm older for using it daily. Also, I have acne prone skin, so I really make sure to be mindful of the things I'm applying to my face.

7) Don't lose yourself.
Gahhhh! I had a hard time thinking of what to put, because I'm so tired of always hearing "Just be yourself," kaya "don't lose yourself" na lang! hihihihihi. I've read and watched Gone Girl last year, and it's hard for that film not to make any impact on anyone who's seen or read it. The lead character, Amy Dunne, talks about being pretending to be "the cool girl" in order to get a man. I love that part when she says that because it's really the truth. There are so many things we change, just because we wanna be though of as cool or in order for people to like us.

I've learned a lot more than these seven that I've listed before, and that makes me thankful for the things that happened in the past year, for the blessings, and the things to come this year!! :))

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