Saturday, August 30, 2014

Coming Up

I guess my narcissistic side has finally won over my laziness today that I decided to blog about this overdue photo set! Honestly, I've been refraining to blog simply because I thought it would be better to settle other important priorities such as finding a job first. With that in mind, I really am hoping for the best about this job opportunity that I really want! 

After graduating, I was under the assumption that I could do the things that I've been holding back for a while such as blogging, working out, or going to other places. However, I really can't have a peace of mind unless I have a job. There are so many things that I keep putting on hold simply because of this reason.  I even went home to my hometown for one and a half month because I had to help out in our business, instead of bumming around in my condo ( just like now) hihihi.

I can't even think of an adequate theme for this post so I apologize for my random babbling.

Moving on,these photos were taken 2 months ago by  Noreen!! My hair grows really fast. It's probably because of the amount of beef and scrambled eggs that I eat. Thus, my hair  looks quite different now. It looks more like a long wavy bob! I hate middle length of hair for myself because it's such an in-between. I'd rather have really short or really long hair! Yes, I just have to dedicate a paragraph for my hair simply because the photos here were taken to celebrate my new hairstyle! hahaha
As what they always say, once a girl cuts her hair, she is ready for something new in her life. Hoping to embrace a new chapter in my life really soon :) 

Much love,

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