Sunday, July 6, 2014


One of the things that I've learned in college is that you never know or you really can't expect who you'll be friends with. You would certainly meet a lot of people, but you'll be surprised that as time goes on, only a few would be for keeps even right after graduation.It's very fitting that I'm blogging about this right now, just a few weeks of finally joining gaining the title of unemployed right after graduation. 
For this post, I did a quick photo shoot with Noreen. We had a free time right after submitting a hundred copies (haha) of our resumes during the job fair. The funny thing is, I was already classmates with Noreen for an elective class right after I shifted out of my original course. We didn't know each other personally at that time, and we didn't even had the chance to talk to each other during that one term. When I started my majors in my new course, I was very surprised to find out that she was also taking the same course as I am! Of course, I didn't really expect us to be close friends because we rarely had the chance to talk to each other back then. It's really funny how life works.

Among all things, I think the reason why we click so well is because we share so many similarities with one another. Even after graduation, since we're both eager to find work, we would even go walk-in at a company and help each other out whenever we would think of a prospective company to work in. And since her birthday is coming really soon, I really hope that we both find work soon! :)) 

Also, since the both of us are sporting short hair, it's only fitting that we give extra amount of attention to our hair haha!

Much love,