Monday, March 31, 2014


AFter a long break from blogging, I'm back with this post for today! A month ago, I've joined this 100happy days project  in Instagram. The idea is to post a picture that shows something that made you happy for the day.Allow me to share some of the photos that are some of the simple things that have made each day a happy one, up to this point.
Hooray for Today!
Before going to OJT, I used to come to Mcdo for breakfast and order the pancakes + hot choco. I've made a promise to myself that I would try to avoid skipping breakfast, which I tend to do A LOT for many years. It's such a perfect time to get ready to go to work. Mcdo would serve as the waiting place for me and my friend before we go to work together. Kahit ma-late kami, worth it naman because of the simple breakfast that we had. Whenever I think of Mcdo pancakes, I immediately associate it with my OJT days, which has ended already few weeks ago. And I looveee Mcdo during mornings, it's not that noisy or crowded, but it's lively enough to keep you awake.
Time Card
I enjoyed using the time card so much, as in. Even though my record shows my tardiness, I'm so excited to work just to insert my timecard in the machine! Sobrang babaw, but it still amazes me how it works.
It's rare for me to experience a chill day during my OJT. If I'm not translating or researching, I would be helping with tours. Naks! But during the times that I do get a free time, it's fun  to explore the artworks in the museum and take pictures ( only on selected artworks, of course!)... Aside from that, there's also this part in the exhibit wherein selected scenes from Oro,Plata,Mata was being played continuously. I am guilty for lingering too much and watching the movie simply because of Joel Torre! He looks SUPERRRRRR handsome in the film, and I've always been a fan of him. Eto na yung isa sa mga inspiration ko for work - seeing Joel Torre's scenes in Oro, Plata ,Mata.
Change is good.
After four years, I've finally changed my laptop decals into this one. This is a super steal, as in less than 60 pesos! :))
Mad Mark's
All my close friends know how much I spend much of my time in Glorietta/Landmark/Greenbelt. I honestly think I spend more time there as compared to school. It's like my second home already. I feel so safe and so happy everytime I'm there. Of course, I have Sonja's cupcake for my favorite tambayan. Hindi pwedeng walang Strawberry ginger iced tea + red velvet fix for the week!! Also, for lunch, I used to go to Chowking. As in every week for my solo lunch time at the mall, I'm there just to save more money. But during the past few weeks, I've been religiously going to Mad Mark's since they have really good and affordable steaks! I'm always an earlybird, so I get the whole place to myself! :)
Written in the Starr's
My mamita,Symba, told me about this place and encouraged me to try it one  time since they have yummy shakes. Thankfully, I was able to try it when I went to Katipunan. I was surprised to see how small the place was, but it was really full of people. I ordered the Red Velvet Shake, and it did not disappoint. Worth it ang sipon next day!
I've been wanting to go to Juju Eats for quite some time now, but I still don't know how to go to the place haha. So I'm only glad that Tossed opened in MOA! It serves yummy and affordable salads and salad wraps. At least, the place is really convenient for me to go to.
Love me not
This was taken during the opening of Old Navy. While I'm typing this, I almost typed "Army Navy"  because of my burrito and iced tea cravings right now, haay. Anyhow, whenever I go to a fitting room and try on some clothes, I always have some sort of categories for the clothes that I try on. Usually,in my mind, it's "worth it," "nay", or "under consideration." I'm so glad when I saw this inside the fitting room of Old Navy. Perfect, don't you think? :)
Mummy Madness
For the past few weeks, I've been extra makulit to some of my close friends about thesis and thesis defense. I've been so worried and I kept bugging anyone for advice. This was taken during a spontaneous meeting with my mummy J! Of course, we talked about thesis and academic stuff, but it's always comforting to know that there are also some people who undergo the same concerns/difficulties as you. At least, I have a kadamay and we would support each other to get through an obstacle.
Thesis is a Battlefield
Earlier today, I had my thesis defense! I don't know how many times I've asked the most important people in my life for support and tips to get through this day. And just when I thought I wouldn't survive this, I did! Thank you, Lord! Honestly, I have a lot of "what if's" with my thesis. If I could go back in time... I would give my best for my thesis and not settle for mediocrity. Parang ung sa Q and A lang sa BBPilipinas last night na tanong! It's true what they say, you'll feel major relieved once thesis is done. All those late nigthers, and constant disappointment, stress would be worth it in the end. There are still many revisions to do before submitting the final copy, but I am almost done!!!! :)) 

Much love,