Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Early Birds' Adventure

I used to believe that I have a curse during my birthdays. When I was in first year high school, I had these terrible allergies during my birthday and my best friend felt terrible over something.The rest of my birthdays after that was not that good as well. During college, at my first year, my mom had to be on her superwoman mode again just to conquer a typhoon to come during my birthday. This year, the typhoon Yolanda came, which resulted into severe heartbreaking casualties. Also, this is my first time to spend my birthday without my parents, who are still in the province due to an emergency. Of course, I was a bit emotional because of this matter. So today, no matter how much I dread the possibility   that things could go wrong in my birthday, I invited my Mummy J for an impromptu sunday birthday treat. Sundays are family days and I'm so thankful that I got the chance to spend this day with my college mummy/ friend!! Thank you so much my for making this day such a good one!Also, I am overwhelmed with the greetings and dedications that I have received for today. EACH AND EVERY ONE that I have received really made up my day ( walang halong echos). I am genuinely thankful to all of those people who took the effort just to greet me. I hope that most of them would read this post!

Moving on,if you know me, you would know that I stress about where to eat or what restaurant to go to next. Especially for this day! Mas na stress pa yata ako kaysa sa thesis joke. One of the restaurants that I badly want to go to is Early Bird Breakfast Club in BGC. Afterall, it was even part of a list as one of the most beautiful restaurants in Manila.

Kina-career ko talaga ang restaurant searching. Thanks to my trusty Google Maps and the power of screenshot! I am not that familiar with the area of the Fort or BGC since I'm actually always in Ayala instead. So Mummy J and I were in the lookout when we were in the BGC bus. If you plan on going to Early Bird Breakfast Club, I suggest you take the BGC Bus West Route and you'll be on your location during the bus' second stop.
Moving on to the food....
We arrived at around 11am and the place was packed! It was actually relatively small inside. I was honestly expecting the restaurant to be a bit bigger.

Honestly, the service was not good. We had to stand for around 10 minutes just to wait for a table. We were just there, standing beside the door, looking like bodyguards of these strangers eating. Also, when we were seated, I had to ask THRICE for an additional chair where we can put our things. Seriously, considering that the service charge is huge, they should opt to improve their service. Although the servers were nice, you have to ask them multiple times just to follow up on your request.

For our drinks, we ordered Passion Fruit Iced Tea and Fresh Lime and Lemon Juice.

If I am not impressed in terms of their service, it would be the opposite when it comes to  their food! For my order, I had Sunny Salpicao. It was really good and they get an A for the food presentation.It's my first time to try Chicken cooked in Salpicao style! Yumeeehh

For Mummy j, she ordered Tenderloin Tapa!! THIS IS THE BEST TAPA THAT I HAVE EVER TASTED IN MY WHOLE LIFE. :)) And the suka/vinegar that comes with it makes it a champion! Must Must Try!! I had to make mummy admit that she loved this one. 
I swear this is a candid shot. My amazement at the food presentation is clearly showing hahaha!
We also ordered Early Bird Signature Pancakes  since we both prefer classic pancakes above anything else. This had blueberry and banana-? flavored cream butters with it so you can choose what you like best. :))

Nikki's stages of reading a letter ( stolen shots by mummy)
1) Excitement
2) Happiness
3)Aww moment
When I was reviewing the photos in my camera, I saw this and I told mummy that the chef looks funny in this photo. Mummy goes "ayiieee..." 
Afterwards, we went to Gourdo's, which is just nearby. Love love this place so much huhu!
And  I guess the curse still manages to make its presence felt. We had to wait for about 30 minutes just to wait for the bus going back to Ayala. We were walking and going to different stops just to catch a bus haha!

Thank you to Mummy J for bearing with me for my request to go to this place in Arnaiz venue afterwards. I know that you're  also sooooo tired from all the walking huhu. Thanks myyy! <3
 Overall, it was still a great day and I can't believe I'm 20 now!

Much love,

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