Friday, November 22, 2013

Hair Issue

My hair deserves a single blog post, so here it is!
Few weeks ago, there was this episode of Two Broke Girls wherein Caroline and Max had a disagreement that started because of Caroline's attachment to her hair and her extensions. I could totally relate to how Caroline was feeling! For years since I started college, I've tried to keep my hair long. This is pretty ironic since I've been sporting a shorter hair ever since my younger days. But during college, for some reason, my default long wavy hair became my comfort zone . My mom has been telling me over and over again to cut my hair shorter because in her words, "it's too passé na." Also, she says I've been playing it too safe ( in terms of hair , ha).
I don't know why it kept me so long to cut my hair once again. I've noticed a lot of celebrities who recently had long hair take the cut. For example, Bianca Gonzales says that cutting her hair short is very liberating. I couldn't agree more. Even in this very simple act, it shows that you can challenge yourself to experiment. I'm happy that I made the right decision at the right time. I felt sooooo bored with my long hair already, so I decided to take the plunge!
 I went to my trusty hairstylist, Sir Romeo of Studio Fix Salon by Alex Carbonell. I have trust issues so it pays to have someone who you could trust your hair with haha! Changing your hairstyle can be very frustrating if you're not comfortable with your hairstylist, afterall.
 I always bring pictures everytime just  to show to my stylist what hair cut and color I want. But it's also very important to listen to your hairstylist since he/she knows what would look good in you. When my haircut and blowdry was done, a girl at the salon even requested to have the same hair as me! hihii :))

In the end, I thought that I would have separation issues with the long hair, but I'm truly loving my hair now! Honestly, it requires too much effort for me just to remember combing my hair. I'm so LAZY when it comes to hairstyling, so a perfect haircut would be the one that entails low maintenance. Plus,  I get to save shampoo and conditioner haha! Goodbye to my mermaid hair, and hello to my shorter, less stress hair! :))

Much love,

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  1. My extensions cost was near about £100 and I went back after five days and had them removed, but it felt so good to have my natural hair again.

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