Thursday, October 24, 2013

Riviera Cafe

I am thankful for my mamita, Symba, and her family for giving out a thanksgiving celebration last sunday! It was held at  Heritage Hotel's Riviera Cafe. It was my first time to go to this hotel and I've also been refraining myself from going to restaurants offering buffet. But some things are worth breaking for.

I may have showed my buffet freak side, considering the number of plates that I have consumed going back and forth to try out the wide array of food hihi.

I'll just keep my talking short and allow my readers to look at this post screaming out food porn.
Ann and Symba


happy yan

 Mummy J was constantly reminding me to take pictures of these colorful noodles. Since I'm a good daughter/mommy, pinagbigyan ko si myy with her request haha.
Me with Mamita!!! Bongga forever si myy <3
Pwede pa ako dito
My favorite shot of the day. Capturing the finest expression from the chef hihihi
Dessert! I have a sweet tooth so...


It was a great experience to bond with some of my closest friends and have good food surrounding us.
Credits to my mummy J (Jannel Serrano) for taking most of the photos!!
Much love,

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


It's been so long since I've had an outfit post. Thankfully, I had the chance to have a quick shoot with mummy J during Symba's thanksgiving celebration at Heritage Hotel.

 My sweater that makes me feel like I'm part of an empire (awkward empress, that I am). 
It's taking such a long time for me to upload the  pictures during the party since my net is uncooperative most of the time. And now I'm keeping this post really short since I made a promise to myself that I'll wake up early to go jogging tomorrow haha.

Much love,