Saturday, September 28, 2013

Keep Calm

I've been on MIA mode ever since this term started but I'm glad to share a set of photodiary from yesterday!

Let me share a bit of  story first haha. Yesterday, I randomly texted my mummy Jannel and asked her if she was going to school since I needed her to sign a form for me. She's unofficially my "guardian/mummy" so I asked her to take care of this. So my plan to spend the entire day at the library ironically turned into going to Glorietta again. How did this happen again ughhh?? Simple - Mummy randomly rambling about going shopping that day. 

I'm thankful that we've been seeing each other more this term as compared to last term. Mummy x Mommy OOTD + Interior design adventures more to come please! And I've been a little down since my close friends are graduating really soon and it's odd knowing that they're not going to school anymore.Thank goodness mummy is still studying and I can still bug her whenever.

Naturally, I could hear Sonja's cupcakes seducing me right away when we entered the mall. I just had to order their strawberry basil iced tea! I swear I'm too addicted to iced tea. Moments like this  remind me that I'm really not a structured person. I like being spontaneous and I would gladly fix my sched whenever the situation calls for it, no matter how trivial it seems. Others might operate using a strict set of to-do lists for a day, but I really find it hard to do so. Of course, I  admire people who can comply to a strict schedule. Thinking about it, mummy is really organized while I can be the opposite at times haha. Maybe this is the reason why we get along so well haha.

And I'll stop blabbering now and just go back to the photos. Seeing photos of cupcakes or any food is both torture and a joy for me. I hope that anyone who  reads this would get the former feeling instead of the latter. :))
Kinikilig si myy kay....
Iced tea will be the death of me.
Now that I'm doing my thesis, this would serve as the perfect motivation.
Motto in life hihi 

We also saw a new tea place - Teaberi! We just spent time taking photos instead of ordering haha.

Lastly, we went to TWG to grab some macaroons since mummy told me that she hasn't tried one (that is until yesterday).
Mga tambay ang peg namin while we were sitting near the fountain outside and just eating macaroons and it actually felt nice. I also kept on telling mummy my wish to win the Volkswagen since I entered their competition haha.
Much love,

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