Monday, September 2, 2013

"Expert Designer"

Sharing some photos taken today with Mommy J while we were at Ayala Triangle for our much awaited term-ender Banapple date! We were supposed to meet on tuesday for the furniture shopping that I wanted to do. But due to conflict in schedule, we had our date today instead after my morning class!   Let me dedicate this post to Jannel Serrano aka Mommy J/ College Mummy! My... if you're reading this, mas cute ung notebooks na nabili ko haha.

Anyhow, this day has been quite disappointing at start for me. For so many times, I have doubted my capabilities and I've been so distracted since I've been thinking of academic stuff even if it's my last day of class for this term. Meeting Mommy J for today is very timely since I am reminded once again of the many reasons why I continue to strive in many things in life. Mommy J has always been my idol since frosh days. I'll never get tired of repeating this because she has been nothing but a positive influence in my life. I've never seen someone work so hard, be responsible, and have outstanding time management skills huhu. Today, I am reminded once again of the things that I should continue to work on and just let the negative vibes  evaporate on its own.

I can only be thankful for having a college mummy that also serves as my amazing photographer for OOTD shots, and also someone who can get my silliness,corny jokes, and sweetness hihi.And now, I have asked her to do another very difficult job- to be my condo's "expert designer" haha. I can't wait to post more on our interior designing adventures! :)

Much love,

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