Friday, August 23, 2013

Gastronomic Delight : MAPLE

Last saturday, we had the chance to go to Maple, which I heard was the high end version of the Pancake House. It's located in San Antonio Village, Mckinley Road, Forbes Park in Makati. We were just too excited to go to this place after reading it on Patty Laurel's blog. The place inside is small although you could opt to be seated outside. :) 

Maple maple

For starters, we are given  bread that tasted so gooood. We were both so hungry and the dishes would still be done after a while, so I think it's only the best that the bread is complimentary. Otherwise, I would be donning a starving cavewoman on a restaurant.
Let me just say that Symba and I agreed to order a lot of meals but we should share in everything. 
For a moment, I felt like I was being Tiffany in White Chicks when she was saying her order to the waiter hihi.This is the reason why we ended up ordering so much, as in haha! Our table for two was relatively small if you consider the amount of food that would be served.The waiter was like" Sabi ko na nga ba eh..."  
Symba and the problem - what do we eat first? :)

Symba insisted that we have Eggs Benedict since she was craving for it. This was my first time to try this dish and I was so happy that we did order this one! I normally don't eat egg yolk since I prefer egg whites, but for Eggs Benedict, I'm glad to make that exemption.

Another surprise favorite is the Huevos Rancheros. Oooh I feel like a Mexican just by saying it haha. I haven't tried a lot in mexican cuisine, but this one is really good! Yes, my decision is based heavily on the fact that chicken is part of this meal. :)

Next one is the Prime Rib Tapa (well done), which is served together with eggs and garlic rice.. I'm in love with Beef Tapa ever since, but I don't think that their tapa is too special though :(

Last one is the pasta, which is the Spaetzle Jambalaya. I am not a fan of seafoods so I didn't end up enjoying this dish as much as I expected to be. :(

Overall, I still enjoyed our food trip at Maple, although next time, I'm sure that I would be ordering less considering their hefty servings. Also, I had difficulty in sleeping since I didn't order the iced tea with orange slices . Blame the  colds  that I had during that time! But I decided to try my own version at home teehee. Hindi ako makatulog, not because of the caffeine, but because I regret not ordering it instead at Maple. Oh, iced tea, we must be together soon. Super babaw but I swear, it's one of those days wherein you decide not to buy something but end up not sleeping because you want it so badly after all hurrrr.

Much love,

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