Sunday, August 4, 2013

Friday Shots

Here's a photo set taken last friday during our visit to the Collective and  Wingman! :)

What's funny is that we took lots of photos of ourselves, and during our last shots, Symba noticed that there were two guys laughing at us! Huhu! We were also laughing at the end because we were so absorbed in taking photos more than anything. We didn't care if some people were looking at us at that time.Also, panay yung pag-take ko ng selfies! My embarassment would come once again if ever I see those guys.
(c) Symba

Another visit to Wingman! Can't get enough of Lemon Pepper Chicken!!!
This is Symba, thinking of BB chos hihihi <3

Lemon Pepper Fries!

We came during lunchtime, so the place was packed! We were placed to seat on the bar. Good thing, the  service was better since the bartender was very attentive! :)

Honey Mustard and Lemon Pepper
I DIED. These are my favorite flavors. Can't wait till cheat day again hihi :)

Much Love,

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