Sunday, August 4, 2013

Forbes & Moshi

My favorite destination during the weekends, whether it's alone time, or with family or friends, would be Makati. There's something about the vibe, the people, and the places in Makati, or I guess I just love the urbanity in this place. A week won't pass without me taking the train to my favorite destination, Ayala Station haha.

So yesterday, I went to Santuario de San Antonio Parish at Forbes Park with my friend for our study. It's only walking distance from Ayala Station so we just opted to walk. :)

The church is actually very nice.I think I'm going to spend more sundays here :) It's a bit chilly and I also love the surroundings outside.

uiii bumagay outfit ko haha
Outside the church :)

After our short visit to the church, we decided to go to BGC and Market Market to eat lunch and to go to Cold Stone! Me and my friend were challenging each other just to walk or what we call "alay lakad." In the end,we decided to go back to the bus station and just take the bus instead of torturing ourselves furthermore.

So many empty seats! Gotta love sundays! :)
selfie moment in the bus
 I was also able to find another cheap thrill at Market Market! It's none other than the korean cake from Moshi Manju! They offer two flavors- chocolate and pastillas, which I both love!!!

Hay, another food addiction added! :)
Much love,

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