Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cooking Milestone

I am more than thrilled to share a cooking milestone! Yesterday, I was with Symba for our usual cheat day and grocery duties. I told her about my plan to cook pasta and I was even doing the grocery holding a page from Yummy Magazine. The recipe that I wanted to do was Fettucine with Spicy Tuna in Mushroom Sauce. Yehes!! But while we were looking for Campbell's mushroom soup, an important ingredient, it took us forever to find it. I was being a little dramatic and I got to thinking that maybe it was a sign that I shouldn't try cooking again for now. Thankfully, we were able to find it at the end!

So when I was already at home, I even had to go to Symba's condo unit just to ask for some salt. Even though we're floors apart, feeling makapal neighbor ako!
When I was finally about to start, I kept on repeating my mantra over and over again, "Conquer Your Fears!"

I first tried cooking the white sauce. Of course, while I was putting the oil on the pan, I was also wishing I won't die. And after a while, it hit me. I AM SEROUSLY COOKING!! So badass charot. I think I even squealed,clapped my hands, and jumped a little bit when I finally realized that :) 
Next is the noodles! I used organic spaghetti noodles instead of Fettucine! At this point, I was already more relaxed than before, and I was even taking selfies of myself cooking!!! Selfie overload it is! Being so silly and happy, I even took a video of myself feeling a la Erwan Heussaff haha.

Here's the final product! Tears of Joy!! I can now cook wihihhiih
I invited mamita Symba to come down to my unit and be the judge to give her verdict! Mind you, she's a cooking inspiration for me so it's a little scary to hear her comments.

Then she told me that it was good (or maybe this is me hallucinating now) but  YAY!!!!! I'm not flattering myself either, but I think it was pretty good also. I can't wait to share my cooking milestones in here!

Please ignore the North Park containers haha!

Much Love,
Silly and Happy

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