Saturday, August 10, 2013

Life Lately

Whenever I feel upset or really ecstatic, the one thing I resort to is taking selfies! Yesterday was no exemption. I went to Tomas Morato the other day with my friend to schedule for an interview with this office. It seems like we commuted forever since the train (MRT) was not working for a while! We took the lrt, bus, taxi, and we had to walk to find this office. Somewhere in between, a guard even ignored us when we asked for directions! Huhu
 It was really a bad day until I ate Dinuguan at Goldilocks, and the world seemed to be better after that.

Currently loving panoramic shots! :)

Like what I said, this post contains annoying narcissist selfies hehehee.

Much love,


  1. wait lang! di ko pa nalagyan ng text! best in comment si my, di ko pa nashare tong post sa fb! haahahh