Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cronut Love

This is a week late, but it does not change the fact that this deserves a single post. If you know me, or have been reading my tweets, I've been talking on and on about cronuts. Suffice it to say that the time it took before I had the chance to grab one was immense torture haha.
I'm only glad that when we went to San Antonio Village to eat at Maple, we saw Le Coeur De France! It was a sign!!  I love croissants and I'm in love with Cronuts! I can finally say that now that I've tried it :)

Much love,

Friday, August 23, 2013

Gastronomic Delight : MAPLE

Last saturday, we had the chance to go to Maple, which I heard was the high end version of the Pancake House. It's located in San Antonio Village, Mckinley Road, Forbes Park in Makati. We were just too excited to go to this place after reading it on Patty Laurel's blog. The place inside is small although you could opt to be seated outside. :) 

Maple maple

For starters, we are given  bread that tasted so gooood. We were both so hungry and the dishes would still be done after a while, so I think it's only the best that the bread is complimentary. Otherwise, I would be donning a starving cavewoman on a restaurant.
Let me just say that Symba and I agreed to order a lot of meals but we should share in everything. 
For a moment, I felt like I was being Tiffany in White Chicks when she was saying her order to the waiter hihi.This is the reason why we ended up ordering so much, as in haha! Our table for two was relatively small if you consider the amount of food that would be served.The waiter was like" Sabi ko na nga ba eh..."  
Symba and the problem - what do we eat first? :)

Symba insisted that we have Eggs Benedict since she was craving for it. This was my first time to try this dish and I was so happy that we did order this one! I normally don't eat egg yolk since I prefer egg whites, but for Eggs Benedict, I'm glad to make that exemption.

Another surprise favorite is the Huevos Rancheros. Oooh I feel like a Mexican just by saying it haha. I haven't tried a lot in mexican cuisine, but this one is really good! Yes, my decision is based heavily on the fact that chicken is part of this meal. :)

Next one is the Prime Rib Tapa (well done), which is served together with eggs and garlic rice.. I'm in love with Beef Tapa ever since, but I don't think that their tapa is too special though :(

Last one is the pasta, which is the Spaetzle Jambalaya. I am not a fan of seafoods so I didn't end up enjoying this dish as much as I expected to be. :(

Overall, I still enjoyed our food trip at Maple, although next time, I'm sure that I would be ordering less considering their hefty servings. Also, I had difficulty in sleeping since I didn't order the iced tea with orange slices . Blame the  colds  that I had during that time! But I decided to try my own version at home teehee. Hindi ako makatulog, not because of the caffeine, but because I regret not ordering it instead at Maple. Oh, iced tea, we must be together soon. Super babaw but I swear, it's one of those days wherein you decide not to buy something but end up not sleeping because you want it so badly after all hurrrr.

Much love,

Friday, August 16, 2013

Frustrated Singer

(c) Arrah Nuguid
It's currently the busiest week of the term for me. I'm struggling with papers, reporting, and video project while feeling homesick again, and  I can only hope that this would all end soon.  Posting this picture of mine while we were in a recording studio because we had to dub a movie for a class! I've said this a million times before, but I'm really a frustrated singer. I know enough that I don't have talent when it comes to that arena, but that does not stop me from FEELING like a singer/recording artist hahahah. Keeping this post short since I have to get back to school-related stuff haayy  :)

Much love,

Monday, August 12, 2013

5 Things

1) Rain Boots
 After 100000 years, I finally bought rain boots! It's perfect for the sweater weather just like now :)

                                                          2) Orange is The New Black
   New series that I've been watching lately. I've been hearing a lot of buzz about Netflix, so I decided to watch one of the original tv shows it has, which is Orange is the new Black. I think this series is the most popular one. It's about Piper Chapman and her life inside the prison. Funny thing is that Jason Biggs plays the role of her fiancĂ© but I still see him as Jim in American Pie.
from Pop-break

                                                        3) The Spectacular Now

 How can I even begin!!! I am in love with this book!!! It's definitely one of my favorite books for this year. And I cannot wait for the film to be released.  Also,  Shailene Woodley  plays the role of Aimee Finecky. She's getting so many great projects lately. She's also going to play as  Beatrice Prior  in the film adaptation of Divergent series. Lastly, she's going to be Hazel Lancaster in the film adaptation of John Green's The Fault in our stars! How unfair is life???!! She got all the good roles! :)

from imdb
                                                                       4) Yuna
Yuna is a Malaysian singer-songwriter. The frustrated singer/songwriter in me just dies everytime I hear her music. Locally, I admire June Marieezy and her style reminds me of Yuna as well.My favorite song from her album would be Lullabies. :)

from tc-helicon

5) Jipan Bakeshop
I am a self-confessed mall rat. My favorite mall until this day would be Glorietta and I can't believe it took me so long to try the sweets and pastries from Jipan Bakeshop!! One of my favorites from their store would be the Mochi Donut. I love how it's not overpowering or too sweet. :)

Much love,

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Life Lately

Whenever I feel upset or really ecstatic, the one thing I resort to is taking selfies! Yesterday was no exemption. I went to Tomas Morato the other day with my friend to schedule for an interview with this office. It seems like we commuted forever since the train (MRT) was not working for a while! We took the lrt, bus, taxi, and we had to walk to find this office. Somewhere in between, a guard even ignored us when we asked for directions! Huhu
 It was really a bad day until I ate Dinuguan at Goldilocks, and the world seemed to be better after that.

Currently loving panoramic shots! :)

Like what I said, this post contains annoying narcissist selfies hehehee.

Much love,

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Forbes & Moshi

My favorite destination during the weekends, whether it's alone time, or with family or friends, would be Makati. There's something about the vibe, the people, and the places in Makati, or I guess I just love the urbanity in this place. A week won't pass without me taking the train to my favorite destination, Ayala Station haha.

So yesterday, I went to Santuario de San Antonio Parish at Forbes Park with my friend for our study. It's only walking distance from Ayala Station so we just opted to walk. :)

The church is actually very nice.I think I'm going to spend more sundays here :) It's a bit chilly and I also love the surroundings outside.

uiii bumagay outfit ko haha
Outside the church :)

After our short visit to the church, we decided to go to BGC and Market Market to eat lunch and to go to Cold Stone! Me and my friend were challenging each other just to walk or what we call "alay lakad." In the end,we decided to go back to the bus station and just take the bus instead of torturing ourselves furthermore.

So many empty seats! Gotta love sundays! :)
selfie moment in the bus
 I was also able to find another cheap thrill at Market Market! It's none other than the korean cake from Moshi Manju! They offer two flavors- chocolate and pastillas, which I both love!!!

Hay, another food addiction added! :)
Much love,

Friday Shots

Here's a photo set taken last friday during our visit to the Collective and  Wingman! :)

What's funny is that we took lots of photos of ourselves, and during our last shots, Symba noticed that there were two guys laughing at us! Huhu! We were also laughing at the end because we were so absorbed in taking photos more than anything. We didn't care if some people were looking at us at that time.Also, panay yung pag-take ko ng selfies! My embarassment would come once again if ever I see those guys.
(c) Symba

Another visit to Wingman! Can't get enough of Lemon Pepper Chicken!!!
This is Symba, thinking of BB chos hihihi <3

Lemon Pepper Fries!

We came during lunchtime, so the place was packed! We were placed to seat on the bar. Good thing, the  service was better since the bartender was very attentive! :)

Honey Mustard and Lemon Pepper
I DIED. These are my favorite flavors. Can't wait till cheat day again hihi :)

Much Love,