Friday, July 12, 2013

Life Lately

from Bilingualpen
                              1) Chance Encounter with Sir F.Sionil Jose!

 He is hands down, my favorite Filipino writer.  Me and my friend went to Booksale last week, and we were both looking for books at different corners. When I glanced around my side, I was too stunned for words ! It was F.Sionil Jose!!!!! I told myself back then that college life should not end without me having the opportunity to meet him! And there I was, unable to react for a moment, knowing that my literary idol was beside me .We were both breathing the same air!! I immediately went to my friend and told her that the guy beside me was none other than, F.Sionil Jose.Trust me, it was so hard to have the courage to go up and talk to him. I was such a scared chicken. But then, we decided to grab the opportunity since we would both terribly regret it if we didn't.

So while he was busy looking for books...
Me : Excuse me...
FSJ : (didn't hear me) still looking for books
Me : Sir...
FSJ: (finally looks at me)
Me : Are you F.Sionil Jose?
FSJ: (momentary pause then laughs) Bakit, galit ka ba sa kanya?
   Oh my gaddd if he only knows that I worship him chos.

When we were about to pay at the counter, he was beside us again and my friend showed her purchases to FSJ and he commented about one author and said, "I know her personally, she's a b*tch!" HAHAHAHAHAH

photo from Screencrush
2) Suits' season 3
During these past several weeks, I've been spending a lot of time reading, which is actually a really good thing! But I've been dying just waiting for some of my favorite TV shows to come back! July 16 is just four days away and I'm so excited for Suit's season 3 :) YAY! 

3) Worthy purchases from Booksale
Here are the three books that I bought earlier! One thing I love about Booksale is that I get to find really good steals without having to sacrifice a lot of  money. May price tag pa talaga ung mga books eh! It's not so obvious naman that I took a photo of this right after I got home :) Haha

My friend and I are both hooked on the English Tea Shop! We both tried their selection of tea when we were doing domestic duties (read: grocery). And after a week, we both came back just to buy another set! Can't wait to try these :)

Much love,

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