Friday, July 19, 2013

Life Lately - On Memorial Park and Working Out

Thursday Workout with mamita Symba :)
Here's another photodiary during another workout sesh.Yes, we love taking pictures after/during workout whenever we can. 

 Earlier today, I was able to visit the American Cemetery in Mckinley, The Fort with my partner because we needed to do a paper for a class related to the place. When we entered the place, there was this interesting and somewhat annoying conversation with my friend and the guard.
Guard : Kaano-ano mo siya (referring to me) ?
Friend : (says something like this) Huhukayin ko siya later.
Guard : Huwag naman! Bigay mo na lang sa akin!

...And I was thinking, as if naman I'm an object that can be given to anybody! Chos :)

Anyhow, It was my first time to visit a cemetery in Manila!  When we entered the cemetery, I was surprised to see how pristine and beautiful the place was! Mind you, I'm not pulling off a I'm-a-Harold-and-Maude-persona kind of thing that would mean loving attending funeral mass or simply attending a memorial park! I'm just amazed that it even looked better than your average park!! Haha

On a totally unrelated note, I promise to upload more gastronomic adventures and outfit posts soon!

Much love,

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