Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cooking Fail

If you know me, you would know that one of my biggest frustrations in life is cooking. I haven't had the chance to cook a decent meal for myself yet. The nearest attempt that I did was cooking pancit canton two years ago. I love accompanying my mom or my friends when they cook, but it's an entirely different scenario when it's me alone. It's pretty ironic how I'm obsessed with baking, yet I lack enthusiasm for cooking. Because of my apprehension to cook, I am completely dependent in buying meals from restaurants and the food shops in school. However, I've been wanting to try my hand in cooking once again.Thus, my constant nagging to a few friends about learning how to cook.

Yesterday, I garnered enough courage to try cooking pancakes. Before doing it, I was so scared because I might die or that my stove would explode ( as in OA levels of thinking). Thankfully, I did not die and nothing bad happened in my condo. Although I can't say that the pancakes were pretty decent, I  managed to eat some parts of it and it was bearable naman haha. Here's a photo of the pancakes that I made! I know it looks like terrible piece of fried chicken! But, in my mind, with consistent effort and perseverance, I can hopefully be a badass chef someday. :)

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