Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sweet Delight : Mochiko

Part 3 of Saturday ( Cheat Day)

It took me so long to upload these photos since my net has been failing me again from time to time. 
Keeping this post very short and sweet . :)

Much Love,

Monday, July 22, 2013

Gastronomic Delight : Wingman

PART 2 of the Saturday Cheat Day
Before I begin with the sinful food, please bear with me while I share these photos, or as I call it, banyo shots!  I couldn't help myself, I just had to ask my friend to take these shots simply because I found the caption enticing! "Not today,darling!" Haha

So back to the food... my friend told me about Wingman after seeing it on Erwan Heussaff's instagram. Yes, the most rational thing to do for foodies like us was to plan a date and temporarily suffer and count the days before we could go. I may not say this a lot, not that it really mattered before, but my ultimate favorite food would be chicken. To say that I am in love with it would be an understatement itself! (Fried chicken, soy chicken, hainanese chicken, and so on and so forth) :)

Last saturday, we were able to go to the Collective and finally give in to our cravings! It's pretty funny because my friend and I had already planned the food that we're going to order days before. Thanks to the reliable MuchPunch, we were able to successfully plan so that we can try a lot of  flavors from their selection. (ahem).
We went around four in the afternoon, so the place was not that packed.Thank Goodness!
Half dozen of wings - 200php
One Dozen of wings - 330 php
As for our "appetizers," I ordered regular fries while Symba ordered onion rings. Oh my gaddd, they really have a generous serving! 
*insert drumroll please* And now...the chicken wings!!!
I ordered half a dozen of Parmesan Garlic and Lemon Pepper. Meanwhile, Symba ordered half a dozen of Honey Garlic and Mango Barbecue!
When I had my first bite, I think I just died and went straight into chicken paradise.If Buddha had nirvana, I had food nirvana because of this place!

 I am ridiculously in love with Lemon Pepper! Well, I think it has something to do with the fact that I love food that has any touch of lemon. You could really taste the citrus flavor on this one! Also, I am in love with Symba's order, the Mango Barbecue! For a while, we debated because we didn't know if the one we liked was actually Honey Garlic or Mango Barbecue since both flavors tasted sweet. Thankfully, Symba clarified that it was really Mango Barbecue!! So next time, we both know which ones to order : Lemon Pepper and Mango Barbecue.
Oh man, I can't wait to go back to this chicken paradise.  :)

Much Love,

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gastronomic Delight : Toast Box

First part of our cheat day that happened yesterday...

We were supposed to go to ToastBox last week at Robinsons Manila, but it was unfortunately closed down! So we had to wait another week and include ToastBox as part of our itinerary for the saturday cheat day. I'm blessed to have  my friend as an exercise buddy and a foodie pal too :) Work out hard, eat harder - that encapsulates my feeling right now.

Although the service of the staff was not that good, I just fell in love with this littler corner where we ate and I now consider it as our favorite spot. I told my friend that I wanted my future dining room to be like one haha.

We both ordered a quarter portion of the Hainanese chicken, which comes with soup. It was so yummyy. We think that it's the sosyal version of the one being served in Hainanese Delights in Robinsons Manila.

Mamita also ordered Laksa. Too bad I'm not fond of spicy food!

As for the drinks, I ordered Ginger Lime Soda, while Symba ordered Iced Chin Chow. I kind of regret ordering the ginger soda over the milo dinosaur. Di bale, next time! Now I'm craving for milo. Ugh, choices.

Can't wait to go back to my favorite spot and order Milo dinosaur while eating Hainanese chicken! :)

Much love,

Friday, July 19, 2013

Life Lately - On Memorial Park and Working Out

Thursday Workout with mamita Symba :)
Here's another photodiary during another workout sesh.Yes, we love taking pictures after/during workout whenever we can. 

 Earlier today, I was able to visit the American Cemetery in Mckinley, The Fort with my partner because we needed to do a paper for a class related to the place. When we entered the place, there was this interesting and somewhat annoying conversation with my friend and the guard.
Guard : Kaano-ano mo siya (referring to me) ?
Friend : (says something like this) Huhukayin ko siya later.
Guard : Huwag naman! Bigay mo na lang sa akin!

...And I was thinking, as if naman I'm an object that can be given to anybody! Chos :)

Anyhow, It was my first time to visit a cemetery in Manila!  When we entered the cemetery, I was surprised to see how pristine and beautiful the place was! Mind you, I'm not pulling off a I'm-a-Harold-and-Maude-persona kind of thing that would mean loving attending funeral mass or simply attending a memorial park! I'm just amazed that it even looked better than your average park!! Haha

On a totally unrelated note, I promise to upload more gastronomic adventures and outfit posts soon!

Much love,

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chill Saturday Workout

One thing that I love about going to the gym on a saturday is that I don't need to rush and worry about being late for my class. Although nothing compares to going to the gym on tuesdays and thursdays ( myyy if you're reading this, alam na haha) , going on a saturday is more relaxed because we can stay longer working out. I know I've said this before, but I think working out with a buddy really helps  a lot in staying committed to a routine. We've been working thrice a week for a month now, and there are some days wherein I would feel so lazy to get up  before eight in the morning to work my ass off. But being with someone definitely helped me since it became more of a bonding time with a friend, and at the same time, we're shedding off pounds (hopefully, my belly belly would decide to lessen its appearance). 

 Here are some pictures from today! This is me and Symba after our abs workout :)

Photos taken at Elorde Gym 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Life Lately

from Bilingualpen
                              1) Chance Encounter with Sir F.Sionil Jose!

 He is hands down, my favorite Filipino writer.  Me and my friend went to Booksale last week, and we were both looking for books at different corners. When I glanced around my side, I was too stunned for words ! It was F.Sionil Jose!!!!! I told myself back then that college life should not end without me having the opportunity to meet him! And there I was, unable to react for a moment, knowing that my literary idol was beside me .We were both breathing the same air!! I immediately went to my friend and told her that the guy beside me was none other than, F.Sionil Jose.Trust me, it was so hard to have the courage to go up and talk to him. I was such a scared chicken. But then, we decided to grab the opportunity since we would both terribly regret it if we didn't.

So while he was busy looking for books...
Me : Excuse me...
FSJ : (didn't hear me) still looking for books
Me : Sir...
FSJ: (finally looks at me)
Me : Are you F.Sionil Jose?
FSJ: (momentary pause then laughs) Bakit, galit ka ba sa kanya?
   Oh my gaddd if he only knows that I worship him chos.

When we were about to pay at the counter, he was beside us again and my friend showed her purchases to FSJ and he commented about one author and said, "I know her personally, she's a b*tch!" HAHAHAHAHAH

photo from Screencrush
2) Suits' season 3
During these past several weeks, I've been spending a lot of time reading, which is actually a really good thing! But I've been dying just waiting for some of my favorite TV shows to come back! July 16 is just four days away and I'm so excited for Suit's season 3 :) YAY! 

3) Worthy purchases from Booksale
Here are the three books that I bought earlier! One thing I love about Booksale is that I get to find really good steals without having to sacrifice a lot of  money. May price tag pa talaga ung mga books eh! It's not so obvious naman that I took a photo of this right after I got home :) Haha

My friend and I are both hooked on the English Tea Shop! We both tried their selection of tea when we were doing domestic duties (read: grocery). And after a week, we both came back just to buy another set! Can't wait to try these :)

Much love,

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cooking Fail

If you know me, you would know that one of my biggest frustrations in life is cooking. I haven't had the chance to cook a decent meal for myself yet. The nearest attempt that I did was cooking pancit canton two years ago. I love accompanying my mom or my friends when they cook, but it's an entirely different scenario when it's me alone. It's pretty ironic how I'm obsessed with baking, yet I lack enthusiasm for cooking. Because of my apprehension to cook, I am completely dependent in buying meals from restaurants and the food shops in school. However, I've been wanting to try my hand in cooking once again.Thus, my constant nagging to a few friends about learning how to cook.

Yesterday, I garnered enough courage to try cooking pancakes. Before doing it, I was so scared because I might die or that my stove would explode ( as in OA levels of thinking). Thankfully, I did not die and nothing bad happened in my condo. Although I can't say that the pancakes were pretty decent, I  managed to eat some parts of it and it was bearable naman haha. Here's a photo of the pancakes that I made! I know it looks like terrible piece of fried chicken! But, in my mind, with consistent effort and perseverance, I can hopefully be a badass chef someday. :)

Much love,