Thursday, June 6, 2013

Besty Besty

Few days ago, I have received these photos , which were taken from besty's short trip to Manila last January.We had the chance to finally see each other, even if it's just for one afternoon. My besty, Anne,  was here for a convention for psychology students from different schools around the nation.Thank God for this opportunity! I've been asking her (as in major kulit) to go here in Manila so we could spend time with each other. But the time has not come yet, and we're both very busy at the moment,  so we're just thankful for this one day given to us last January:)

Besty trying on some makup from MAC. :)

Favorite! Forever21 :) haha

Writing this post makes me miss my besty more.Hopefully, with more strategies to be an effective makulit, more endearing and dramatic ( nyaakk ) messages, I can convince my besty to go to Manila hahaha.May the odds be in my favor ( since we both love Hunger games haha)!

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