Saturday, March 9, 2013

Food Trip

Here's how my saturday went.It took me a day to upload these photos because my net keeps on failing me huhu.

I went to Mommy J's condo in Makati and we ate lunch at Amber! 

If I live near this place, I would eat in here everyday. I could order a lot of food but the amount is still within a reasonable price. :) 

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lumpiang shanghai, my new favorite in Amber!
pichi-pichi with cheese
Pancit Malabon! yumm
Afterwards, we went to the Collective to buy some Red Velvet Mochiko. Sadly, they were out of stock so we bought the blueberry mochiko instead.

We decided to take pictures around the place since there were only a few people around.
my hands!

Much love,

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