Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Always, Totally, Absolutely

Oh, how I've missed my blog so much. These past few weeks have been really making me busy, and I don't normally say that! A part of me wants this term to end as soon as it can. On the other hand, there is also the  fear of leaving school so soon to face the harsh reality outside. Anyhow, for my post this time, as you can see, I'm deliberately trying to evoke enough aura to make it look like I'm spreading the love to my readers hihi.
This also serves as my first outfit post after I got a haircut. Even if this would be one of my default hairstyles even back then, it feels weird to see myself sporting this style again. As usual, I'm being ambivalent around this one.When can I actually ever feel so sure about the same thing? Hayy. It still confuses me each and very single day. But, for this moment, I must stop the ranting and just concentrate on my look for today haha!


Shirt from GAP; Necklace from Forever21
Leather Tights from Topshop ; Shoes from Primadonna

I uploaded less photos for my post today compared to the previous outfit posts hihi. Before I end this post,  here's a song that I've been madly addicted to these past few days.

Much love,

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