Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Everybody's Got A Hungry Heart

Let me start this post by saying that I'm in love with the Warm Bodies Soundtrack! Ahh, it's so hard to can't get over it. Can you just imagine how I felt when they played Hinnom, TX by bon Iver during one scene?! I could have just died in my seat because everything felt so perfect.

Also,here's one song that I loved as well- Hungry Heart by Bruce Springstein! :)

Here's an outfit post that I failed to upload last weekend. Going over these photos make me miss my hair again. I'm currently having a post-haircut depression (as usual). I have to constantly remind myself that my hair will grow longer again (whuuuttt).

On another note,these photos were taken inside the library again hihi.

I'm also starting to revive my love for colorful pieces although I would wear black and white clothes more often. :)


Jumper from Forever21

Haaayyy, wore Yosi Samra flats again haha. Can you blame me? They're my ready-to-go shoes when I'm rushing for class.
Top from Zara ; Necklace from Forever21

I must stop this post now before I start missing my hair too much again.Haha
Much love,

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