Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chill Sundate

Since mamita has to do some stuff with her thesis, we decided to go to Banapple around 9am for our early lunch. It's been our second foodie date for the week and we always end up at Ayala Triangle because we're both in love with Banapple. Motto ko nga when it comes to choosing restaurants : If all else fails, there's always Banapple or North Park! :)

One thing I love about Banapple is that they decorate the place just in time for a special occasion or holiday. For now, the place is so readyyy for valentine's day! :) <3 Ang kyuttt pa nitong nakasabit.Please be my date! (insert flirtatious smile)

Foodies forever :)
One thing that we have in common is that we're both in love with Hickory Ribs! huhuhuhu.Everytime I order a new dish, no matter how delicious it is, I always crave for Hickory Ribs at the end of the day! May gayuma factor talaga ito eh.

After eating, picture taking and chikahan time while waiting for Greenbelt to open.

Chill Sunday means chill outfits! :)

Next stop, we went to Tous Les Jous bakery again to satisfy our cravings. Nakakainis na talaga, lahat masarap sa bakery na yun. We both tried the Rice Green Tea (cold) and I instantly fell in love with it.  

Since Valentines' is fast approaching, and wala pa kaming "the one", we agreed to have a date together to enjoy our singlehood chos!! hahahah.We are currently on the lookout for good restos that we can spend our next foodie date.Also, we can't stop ourselves from going inside TWG tea salon!!!! :) The first time we went here, we were supposed to have lunch but we decided no na lang since the food was too steep for us at that time.In short, hanggang tingin lang kami noon:(

But today, we were courageous enough to go inside the store and see their tea selection!
Here's a little peak inside the store:

Actually, it's not allowed to take closeup photos of these. The lady guard approached me when I was all so ready to snap photos huhu.Buti na lang, kahit one photo nakakuha ako! :))

I bought Napoleon Macaroons since it was one of their bestsellers.Each macaroon costs 55php. :)
Much love,

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