Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bakery Fair Part 2

I may not say this a lot, but more than anything else, one of the things that I want to pursue passionately is to bake.  It's something that I have loved since I was a child. But maybe there was a time wherein I have lost the opportunity to improve in this craft, so years passed without me trying to rekindle my love for it.  Don't get me wrong, there is always a big spot in my heart that is reserved for my love for baking. It's just that it came to a point wherein I neglected it and it was like there was nothing to push me or inspire me to go back in doing it,that is until my third year of college. Cupcake shops have been blossoming right here and there. And in an instant, I have found it once again, a part that I made invisible for the past few years. I have different things I want to do and excel in, but I guess this is another option for me, another door that has opened right in front of me.

That being said,  I am one of the giddy girls that made time just for the Bakery Fair held at World Trade Center.It's not like I'm going to open up a food/baking business soon, but this is me saying that I there was a certain period wherein I have lost something, but I have found it once again. Because of that, I am more than happy  because I get to immerse myself more in the things revolved around baking!

Sharing with you another set of photos taken during the said event.Hope you enjoy this post! :)

Highlight of the day: Seeing Chef Bruce Lim! We were both so starstrucked when we saw him. I don't normally ask for photos whenever I see celebrities or TV Personaltiites, but I knew that I would regret missing the opportunity! Aside from being an amazing chef, he's super cool and really good looking hihi.
Something that catches my attention whatever I'm doing or wherever I am : Hello Kitty <3
I'm not familiar with this product, but there were a lot of people going crazy for this. Must be that good.
looks like poop haha

Much love,

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