Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bakery Fair Part 2

I may not say this a lot, but more than anything else, one of the things that I want to pursue passionately is to bake.  It's something that I have loved since I was a child. But maybe there was a time wherein I have lost the opportunity to improve in this craft, so years passed without me trying to rekindle my love for it.  Don't get me wrong, there is always a big spot in my heart that is reserved for my love for baking. It's just that it came to a point wherein I neglected it and it was like there was nothing to push me or inspire me to go back in doing it,that is until my third year of college. Cupcake shops have been blossoming right here and there. And in an instant, I have found it once again, a part that I made invisible for the past few years. I have different things I want to do and excel in, but I guess this is another option for me, another door that has opened right in front of me.

That being said,  I am one of the giddy girls that made time just for the Bakery Fair held at World Trade Center.It's not like I'm going to open up a food/baking business soon, but this is me saying that I there was a certain period wherein I have lost something, but I have found it once again. Because of that, I am more than happy  because I get to immerse myself more in the things revolved around baking!

Sharing with you another set of photos taken during the said event.Hope you enjoy this post! :)


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bakery Fair- Part 1

Sharing some of the photos that I took during the Bakery Fair held at World Trade Center! :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Beauty Emergency Workshop

Beauty Emergency Workshop
Rustan's Makati (Benefit)
February 23,2012

I tagged along my Mommy J, Sherry and Catherine to join them in the Make-up Workshop sponsored by Benefit. When we arrived, I noticed Nikki Tiu of Askmewhats at the corner of the store. I didn't know that she would be the one conducting the said workshop, hence my surprise. :)

It was my first time to attend a make-up workshop and I really loved it. Nikki Tiu gave a lot of helpful tips.She's really nice and entertaining!

Here are some of the photos during the event :

Nikki Tiu of :)

Me and Mommy J waiting for the workshop to start.

She also asked two attendees to be the models.

I'm a fan of Benefit even before attending this workshop, but I gotta admit that I've fallen more in love with it after the workshop. 
Lastly, I got this photo from the Facebook page of Benefit.

Much love,

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fuss Free

Here are some of the photos from yesterday that were taken at the supposed "quiet room" inside the library. I was so happy that we got the place to ourselves. I seriously don't know why it's called the quiet room, when in fact, it's super noisy inside since it's beside a discussion room. Looking at the bright side, it's the perfect place for me to read since it has this long couch. I wonder if I could bring a blanket and just snuggle in here. hihihi

This post is dedicated to Mommy J, the person who I trust with my outfit shots, and my mummy forever. 


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Everybody's Got A Hungry Heart

Let me start this post by saying that I'm in love with the Warm Bodies Soundtrack! Ahh, it's so hard to can't get over it. Can you just imagine how I felt when they played Hinnom, TX by bon Iver during one scene?! I could have just died in my seat because everything felt so perfect.

Also,here's one song that I loved as well- Hungry Heart by Bruce Springstein! :)

Here's an outfit post that I failed to upload last weekend. Going over these photos make me miss my hair again. I'm currently having a post-haircut depression (as usual). I have to constantly remind myself that my hair will grow longer again (whuuuttt).

On another note,these photos were taken inside the library again hihi.

I'm also starting to revive my love for colorful pieces although I would wear black and white clothes more often. :)


Friday, February 15, 2013

You got the love

Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air
I know I can count on you
Sometimes I feel like saying "Lord I just don't care"
But you've got the love I need To see me through

My post-valentine's post!
Even if I didn't celebrate that day in a romantic sense, I was able to enjoy it by reading some books and magazines. And of course, my one true love, sleeping. Here's what I wore during hearts' day.My love for wearing black simply cannot be denied.On a different note, it's sad that we weren't allowed to take photos in our favorite place since we were FORCED to go away. Anyhow, there are still many interesting places that we could use for out outfit post around the school, right? :)


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bluer than Blue

Let me start with this post by saying that this is, by far, the easiest outfit shoot that we had so far! I'm so happy that as time goes by, less time is actually needed to take good photos. I'm going to put a disclaimer on this one:  Beware of the umbrella! While taking the outfit shots, Mommy J suddenly suggested that I should opt to use her umbrella para dagdag drama!Hihi. It may look silly to some, but I think everything fell right into place. The umbrella complemented my simple outfit to school. Even if we were shooting at the 10th floor of the building, it did not serve as an impediment for the much needed umbrella exposure/ feature. You gotta love my amazing photographer for her quirky suggestions and art direction :) 


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chill Sundate

Since mamita has to do some stuff with her thesis, we decided to go to Banapple around 9am for our early lunch. It's been our second foodie date for the week and we always end up at Ayala Triangle because we're both in love with Banapple. Motto ko nga when it comes to choosing restaurants : If all else fails, there's always Banapple or North Park! :)

One thing I love about Banapple is that they decorate the place just in time for a special occasion or holiday. For now, the place is so readyyy for valentine's day! :) <3 Ang kyuttt pa nitong nakasabit.Please be my date! (insert flirtatious smile)

Foodies forever :)
One thing that we have in common is that we're both in love with Hickory Ribs! huhuhuhu.Everytime I order a new dish, no matter how delicious it is, I always crave for Hickory Ribs at the end of the day! May gayuma factor talaga ito eh.

After eating, picture taking and chikahan time while waiting for Greenbelt to open.

Chill Sunday means chill outfits! :)

Next stop, we went to Tous Les Jous bakery again to satisfy our cravings. Nakakainis na talaga, lahat masarap sa bakery na yun. We both tried the Rice Green Tea (cold) and I instantly fell in love with it.  

Since Valentines' is fast approaching, and wala pa kaming "the one", we agreed to have a date together to enjoy our singlehood chos!! hahahah.We are currently on the lookout for good restos that we can spend our next foodie date.Also, we can't stop ourselves from going inside TWG tea salon!!!! :) The first time we went here, we were supposed to have lunch but we decided no na lang since the food was too steep for us at that time.In short, hanggang tingin lang kami noon:(

But today, we were courageous enough to go inside the store and see their tea selection!
Here's a little peak inside the store:

Actually, it's not allowed to take closeup photos of these. The lady guard approached me when I was all so ready to snap photos huhu.Buti na lang, kahit one photo nakakuha ako! :))

I bought Napoleon Macaroons since it was one of their bestsellers.Each macaroon costs 55php. :)
Much love,

Friday, February 1, 2013

Poco Deli

In my previous post, I mentioned that we were supposed to eat lunch in Poco Deli. However, due to the overwhelming number of the people dining at that time, we decided to go to the mall first.  An hour later, we came back since we badly wanted to try this restaurant.

We ordered the bestsellers when it comes to meals, the Kielbasa Sausage and the Bacon Slab

                The Bacon Slab was okay. We don't think that it was really outstanding.
Even if we weren't that impressed with the bacon Slab, the Kielbasa Sausage definitely deserves being the bestseller!

We also tried this drink called Citrus Delight. It has a surprising kick on it. :) hihi

A picture of mamita, my fellow foodie :)

Overall, I love the Sausage since it is really their specialty. Aside from that, what I love about Poco Deli is that they don't have service charge! (ang babaw) hahahah. Also, I  want to try their desserts next time! :)
Much love, Nikki

Tous les Jours

Thursdate with Mamita

Yesterday, we went to Ayala for our usual gastronomic adventure haha.
We were supposed to eat lunch at Poco Deli, but the place was full packed! So we decided to go to Greenbelt first and buy some stuff. On our way, we saw Tous les Jours, the new bakeshop in Greenbelt. Back then, when I first saw this bakeshop, I was intimidated because I thought that it was really fancy.Turns out, the breads and pastries that they sell are actually affordable!! :) Thank you myyy for introducing me to Tous Les Jours! When I entered the store, I think I just died and went to bakery heaven.

I bought three items from the bakery,namely, Sweet Black Rice Bread, Corn Cream Bread, and Pumpkin Muffin. Lahat masarap, nakakainis!!!! 


But my ultimate favorite would be Pumpkin Muffin :)) Love youu

I can't wait for my next visit to this bakeshop!!
Much love,