Saturday, January 12, 2013


1) Start living an active/healthy lifestyle.
 I am such a lazy person when it comes to exercise. Also, I find it weird to enroll myself in gym because I would prefer doing exercise outdoors. Since I am not getting any younger, and my constant desire for junk food is not doing any good for my body.
2) SAVE UP. Resist the urge to buy clothes everytime. Stop buying a lot of magazines every months
3) Read more books.
  Be open to reading more literary genres.
4) Meet Atom Araullo. Hihi <3 Bucket list na ata ginagawa ko! :)
5) Less time for internet.
 I will definitely have a hard time following this resolution haha.
6) Blog daily.
   If not daily, then every other day would be fine.
7) Text/update parents about daily life.
8) Learn to forgive and to move on.
9) Be fearless.chos.
10) Travel abroad this year.
      Hong Kong or Japan please!
11) Go to Calagauas, Caramoas, and Misibis.
 As embarassing as this may sound, I'm not a beach buddy. It's such a waste because there are lots of good beaches in the province! huhu. I must become adventurous.
12) Eat bicol express, and appreciate spicy food.
13) Bake as much as I can :)
14) Drink lots of water.

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