Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Favorites

Before this week comes to an end, I just want to blog today to prove that I am still alive.chos.
I PROMISE that I'll start blogging more starting next week! :) 
Kung hindi, no shopping for me!

Today, I bought this bakebook along with other school materials that I needed. ( high school girl Nikki was unleashed)  I chose to buy this among the other choices that I have in mind because I still prefer cookbooks or bakebooks made or written locally in the Philippines. It's because I always want to make sure that all the ingredients are readily available in our country hihi.
Also, i get to watch Suits' latest episode today!!! I am obsessed with this show. Since the show is finally back, I guess I'm back to watching every episode of it before I sleep. Yes, it is my lullaby. :)
And The Carrie Diaries is finally airing! I've seen the first episode and I've fallen in love with it. The female lead star,  AnnaSophia Rob reminds me so much of Sarah Jessica Parker 's portrayal. I guess this means that she is really effective for her role. She also resembles Lindsay Lohan hehe. What chu think? :)

On a last note, I've just discovered Passion Pit. Here's my favorite song from the album Gossamer :

Much love,

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