Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Anything Could Happen

My tuesdays for this term would hopefully turn out to be the most productive day of the week.Scratch that, I would WANT to be productive everyday.My classes start at 8AM and would end at 11:20 AM.After that, I would meet up with my Mommy J for our outfit posts! :)

I have the habit of posting so many pictures in one post.Believe me, every shoot we have would always end up with more than 50 images! That could probably the reason why I would have a hard time choosing the ones to post here.Perhaps it sounds OA pero it's the truth haha :) 

Our photo shoot consists of : 50% bad posing + 30% okay na rin + 20 % pretty satisfactory = hundreds of photos

When I was younger, there were only limited selections or brands to choose from in the malls. My favorites back then consist of Bench,Penshoppe, Dickies( ultimate fave haha), and Kamiseta.Back then, I would even cut out some clothes that I saw in the magazines and I would ask dad to buy it whenever he would go to Manila.Of course, fail lagi since there's no assurance that the clothes that I see in the magazine would still be available.

I even remember the time that I was so scared to enter Topshop or Zara because I don't know if I could buy clothes from there! weirrrdddd!! Eventually, I've learned to grow out of that phase and I'm trying my best to try out more different brands these days.

This seems to be my typical outfit for school.
Cardigan + top +jeans 

Earrings from Forever 21

Bench Jeans 
Cardigan from Mango; Top from Zara
Fitflops Walkstar Slide
                This ecobag is perfect whenever I would do some grocery or just merely shopping! Pang school pa siya if maraming bitbit! :)

Since I tend to include music videos on my posts, here's one of my favorite songs from Ellie Goulding's album Halcyon. :))

Much love, Nikki

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