Saturday, January 12, 2013


As what I always say in my blog, better late than never! This is the first time that I'm actually making a list of things or goals/resolutions that I aim to achieve for this year. I decided to make a separate post for the material things that I want to acquire, and another one for my resolutions! hihi

1) Balenciaga city bag
My mom told me to start saving up money so that I could afford to buy things that I really want to buy. The first bag that I really wanted to buy since last year was a Celine Luggage tote but now, I'm inclined to have a Balenciaga! My goal is to buy it by December (the impossible) haha.

2) Hermes belt
Since I loveeee wearing jeans, I think that a Hermes belt would make my outfit complete. IF EVER I get to save up for this, this would be my very first Hermes purchase hihi

3) La Mer Eye Cream
   Or any La Mer product please!!!!!

These are all that I could think of right now. :)

Much love,

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