Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Anything Could Happen

My tuesdays for this term would hopefully turn out to be the most productive day of the week.Scratch that, I would WANT to be productive everyday.My classes start at 8AM and would end at 11:20 AM.After that, I would meet up with my Mommy J for our outfit posts! :)

I have the habit of posting so many pictures in one post.Believe me, every shoot we have would always end up with more than 50 images! That could probably the reason why I would have a hard time choosing the ones to post here.Perhaps it sounds OA pero it's the truth haha :) 

Our photo shoot consists of : 50% bad posing + 30% okay na rin + 20 % pretty satisfactory = hundreds of photos

When I was younger, there were only limited selections or brands to choose from in the malls. My favorites back then consist of Bench,Penshoppe, Dickies( ultimate fave haha), and Kamiseta.Back then, I would even cut out some clothes that I saw in the magazines and I would ask dad to buy it whenever he would go to Manila.Of course, fail lagi since there's no assurance that the clothes that I see in the magazine would still be available.

I even remember the time that I was so scared to enter Topshop or Zara because I don't know if I could buy clothes from there! weirrrdddd!! Eventually, I've learned to grow out of that phase and I'm trying my best to try out more different brands these days.

This seems to be my typical outfit for school.
Cardigan + top +jeans 


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Black + white _ gold + gray

My first outfit post for 2013! 
For some reason, I'm in a phase wherein I would always wear black and/or white clothes. Maybe it's a sign of maturity nyaaak.Kidding aside, I think I'll make the most out of it. 

When I bought this, I thought that it was just a really looong skirt.But then, it turns out that it's a tube dress haha. Still, I wore it as a skirt since I feel like wearing it as a dress would make me feel extraordinarily awkward in school. I left my seat in the classroom with glitters spread all over. Sorry po hihi
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Favorites

Before this week comes to an end, I just want to blog today to prove that I am still alive.chos.
I PROMISE that I'll start blogging more starting next week! :) 
Kung hindi, no shopping for me!

Today, I bought this bakebook along with other school materials that I needed. ( high school girl Nikki was unleashed)  I chose to buy this among the other choices that I have in mind because I still prefer cookbooks or bakebooks made or written locally in the Philippines. It's because I always want to make sure that all the ingredients are readily available in our country hihi.
Also, i get to watch Suits' latest episode today!!! I am obsessed with this show. Since the show is finally back, I guess I'm back to watching every episode of it before I sleep. Yes, it is my lullaby. :)
And The Carrie Diaries is finally airing! I've seen the first episode and I've fallen in love with it. The female lead star,  AnnaSophia Rob reminds me so much of Sarah Jessica Parker 's portrayal. I guess this means that she is really effective for her role. She also resembles Lindsay Lohan hehe. What chu think? :)

On a last note, I've just discovered Passion Pit. Here's my favorite song from the album Gossamer :

Much love,

Saturday, January 12, 2013


1) Start living an active/healthy lifestyle.
 I am such a lazy person when it comes to exercise. Also, I find it weird to enroll myself in gym because I would prefer doing exercise outdoors. Since I am not getting any younger, and my constant desire for junk food is not doing any good for my body.
2) SAVE UP. Resist the urge to buy clothes everytime. Stop buying a lot of magazines every months
3) Read more books.
  Be open to reading more literary genres.
4) Meet Atom Araullo. Hihi <3 Bucket list na ata ginagawa ko! :)
5) Less time for internet.
 I will definitely have a hard time following this resolution haha.
6) Blog daily.
   If not daily, then every other day would be fine.
7) Text/update parents about daily life.
8) Learn to forgive and to move on.
9) Be fearless.chos.
10) Travel abroad this year.
      Hong Kong or Japan please!
11) Go to Calagauas, Caramoas, and Misibis.
 As embarassing as this may sound, I'm not a beach buddy. It's such a waste because there are lots of good beaches in the province! huhu. I must become adventurous.
12) Eat bicol express, and appreciate spicy food.
13) Bake as much as I can :)
14) Drink lots of water.


As what I always say in my blog, better late than never! This is the first time that I'm actually making a list of things or goals/resolutions that I aim to achieve for this year. I decided to make a separate post for the material things that I want to acquire, and another one for my resolutions! hihi

1) Balenciaga city bag
My mom told me to start saving up money so that I could afford to buy things that I really want to buy. The first bag that I really wanted to buy since last year was a Celine Luggage tote but now, I'm inclined to have a Balenciaga! My goal is to buy it by December (the impossible) haha.

2) Hermes belt
Since I loveeee wearing jeans, I think that a Hermes belt would make my outfit complete. IF EVER I get to save up for this, this would be my very first Hermes purchase hihi

3) La Mer Eye Cream
   Or any La Mer product please!!!!!

These are all that I could think of right now. :)

Much love,